Several of my coaching clients are doing very well, and a few of them are going to have truly breakout years!

One of the major “game-changing” strategies for one of my clients was this: working together, we got crystal clear on what it is that they wanted to accomplish this year, in very specific terms.

And, just as important, we detailed what they wanted their life to look like.

My client told me they were sick of the 80-hour work weeks. Game on.

Far too many entrepreneurs fall into the vague, “I want more revenue” – or – “I want to work less and make more.”

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to work less and earn more, but it is far too vague to be an actual goal, let alone a plan to execute.

Six years ago, after ten plus years of 80-hour work weeks building my own businesses, I set a plan in motion to structure my coaching business to be run three days a week, Tuesday-Thursday.

This would leave Monday and Friday free to travel, sit on my boat and do nothing, or work on a new book or project, if I chose to.

I then figured out exactly what I needed my business to earn, in order to support my Dream Lifestyle.

You’ll never live your Dream Lifestyle, without first specifying what you want your days (and weeks) to look like.

And, you’ll never achieve a big financial goal, without first getting clarity on exactly what revenue is necessary to live your Dream Lifestyle.

Recently, with this new clarity and commitment in place, this particular coaching client proudly shared with me how they turned down a of couple joint venture opportunities.

These types of opportunities, often known as “Shiny Object Syndrome” and typically cloaked in “game-changer” garb, once may have seemed like a good business-building idea.

Today, thanks to clarity and commitment, they were able to say “no thank you!”

Being able to say “No” is what drives you to the success you’re looking for.

In addition, this client shared, very excitedly, that a couple easy-to-implement additional revenue streams suddenly became clear – seemingly out of nowhere!

I shared that these strategies were likely right in front of them all along, but were invisible, due to the fog of everything else they were grasping at, in hopes that something would work.

This client is going to have a stellar year and I could not be happier for them.

Moving forward, when presented with other ‘game changing opportunities’ – I’ve armed this client with two very important questions:

  • “If I say yes to this, will it help me move closer to my already agreed upon goal, or will it be a distraction?”
  • “If I say yes to this, what am I prepared to say no to?”

Can I share a couple more powerful things that may help you?

Candidly, these two things have changed this entrepreneur’s future for the better, and perhaps it will serve you.

One: My coaching client now realizes that their true power, comes from within.

It comes from their experience, their God-given talent, their drive, work ethic, and desire to serve others – and it also comes from the immense value they bring to the marketplace. Their power does not come from likes, shares, and opinions of people (friends, followers, connections) that they barely know – and more importantly, who are not their customers.

Two: This client finally got more comfortable with someone else driving the train.

I learned this important lesson many years ago in my own business. I finally realized that not every good idea has to be mine. I also realized the not every good idea, from a coach or mentor, requires months of deliberation before moving forward. You see, in more cases than not, ego can be a stumbling major block to growth.

The turning point for many entrepreneurs, will be, when achieving your goal, and living your Dream Lifestyle, becomes more far important than who’s idea it was, and how you got there.

If this is the kind of coaching and mentoring that can help move your business forward, message me or connect with me.

Game on.

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. He is also the founder of Success Advantage Publishing.

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