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Become The #1 Leading Brand Celebrity Expert in Your Market and Niche With Your Dream Business-Building Book

Get your book into the hands of your ideal prospects and customers in 90 days or less!

There Are 3 Essential Ingredients That Make Up Your Celebrity Expert Business Brand:

Author Of…

Writing & publishing your Dream Business-Building Book moves you to the front of the line and helps make you the #1 top brand celebrity in your market and niche.

When your ideal prospects purchase and open your book, they take the first step toward working with you. Books open more conversations that close amazing deals.

Creator Of…

Even when – especially when – you have a lot of competition, introducing a new “take” on your topic makes you the instant #1 leader in a new market segment that YOU own.

As a published author, you make your name synonymous with your brand, sobriquet, and proprietary process – the same way a tissue is a “Kleenex” and a bandage is a “Band-Aid”.

Founder Of…

Wealth rewards risk, and wealth rewards speed. Entrepreneurs found companies and own their markets using the formulas & principles outlined in their book.

Your best prospects show up on your doorstep, begging you to help them achieve for themselves, the results you describe in your book. This is how business empires are built.

As you can see, everything starts when you write and publish your own Celebrity Expert Dream Business-Building Book.

Just ask Ken Blanchard.

Or Renée Mauborgne.

Or Jim Collins.

Or Susan Cain.

Or Seth Godin.

Or J.K. Rowling, for that matter.

At Success Advantage Publishing, we have helped dozens of entrepreneurs write and publish books they have used to stand out in crowded markets – indeed, to create their very own niche and be instantly #1 in the eyes of their markets – and become known as their industry byword for what they do.

Here are just some of the books Success Advantage Publishing has helped create for emerging entrepreneurs:

Now, it’s YOUR turn.

Discover how the Success Advantage Celebrity Expert Book Accelerator gets your book written, edited, and published – FAST.

Here’s The Step-By-Step Process We Use To Create Your Dream Business-Building, Celebrity Branding Book

  • Identify your target market and audience upfront so the end-goal of creating your Celebrity Branding Book permeates through the entire process

  • Create your Customer-Magnet book title and description – your prospects will usually buy based on title alone

  • Determine your book’s theme and content plan, then design the content outline

  • Put together a game plan that gets your content done quickly, at a pace you can comfortably maintain and still meet the goal

  • Provide the accountability that keeps us on track and makes sure your Celebrity Branding Book gets written and published

  • Perform developmental editing on an “as we go” basis that keeps the momentum going, rather than waiting for it to all be written first

  • Perform proofreading and content editing to create a polished, Reader-Loving final product that matches your voice

  • Design your calls-to-action that inspire and motivate your readers to take that natural next step

  • Help you find the best person to write your Foreword – and then get them to actually write it for you

  • Create your professionally-branded cover design – a book IS judged by its cover, and we provide eye-grabbing, click-magnet covers

  • Set up your ISBN number and mix in the “subtle elements” that show the reader you have created a truly professional book

  • Get your book properly formatted and uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) so it gets found in your optimal categories

Cap’t Jim Palmer’s

“Celebrity Expert Branding”


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Your Questions About The Success Advantage Celebrity Expert Book Accelerator – Answered!

I’ve never written a book before. Am I a good candidate for this program?2024-05-03T06:18:11-05:00

Actually, you’re an ideal candidate. Many of our most successful authors had never created a Celebrity Branding, Dream Business-Building Book before working with us. As part of the Million Dollar Platform™ we teach through the Dream Business Academy, we integrate branding, business development, and creating connections with your audience into our process. We are excited to partner with you in creating this pillar of your Celebrity Brand! Let’s get started!

I have no idea what kind of book to write. Can you help a novice?2024-05-03T06:18:11-05:00

Absolutely. We’ve created numerous Celebrity Brands from scratch. Our Lead Publisher, Cap’t Jim Palmer, will be your primary coach throughout the process of writing and publishing your book. He is famous for creating brands “on the fly” during coaching calls – then seeing through the process that makes them stick and rise to the very top of his clients’ markets and niches. He created three distinct brands for just ONE of his coaching clients, including not only the name of a book, but also an entire consulting process.  You are in the right place.

I’m not very focused. That, and I’m not thrilled about waking up at 6am to write for an hour. Will this still work for me?2024-05-03T06:18:11-05:00

We have found that the best content is created when it happens as a natural part of your business process, or as a by-product of what you’re already doing. Captain Jim, who has written and published a dozen books, usually wakes up before the sun comes up and does most of his writing for the entire day before 7am.  You may have a different style. As part of our goal-setting process, coupled with our proven accountability program, we will design a customized game plan that makes writing your book not only easy, but FUN.

Is this a complete process for getting my book written and published?2024-05-03T06:18:11-05:00

The Success Advantage Celebrity Expert Book Accelerator Program covers everything involved in designing, writing, editing, formatting, and publishing the book. We also provide professional cover design, set up your ISBN number, incorporate all the legal mumbo-jumbo that needs to show up between your covers, and then upload it to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) so that both the printed and Kindle versions work correctly. Let us show you how it works.

I really want to be an Amazon Best-Seller. Am I in the right place?2024-05-03T06:18:11-05:00

Our team has a proven track record for identifying the categories and sub-categories that come as close as possible to guaranteeing (other than you actually selling books) that you’ll rock the Hot New Releases right away. Many of our authors have become #1 in multiple categories, in multiple countries. Bear in mind that Amazon’s current algorithms favor books that consistently sell over time, as opposed to the “quick hit” strategy that worked until 2018. Your best chance of success there is to be dedicated to consistently growing your Celebrity Brand.  (To sum all this up in one phrase, “yes, we’ll set you up for success, then you do the work to make it happen“.)

Who’s on your team?2024-05-03T06:18:11-05:00

Cap’t Jim Palmer will be your primary coach throughout the process. He will also be your primary point of contact, though you will also work directly with others at various points in the process. We have an awesome developmental editor (Ann), an incredibly inspired cover designer (also named Jim), and you will have our entire business team rolling up their sleeves to make this happen for you. Let’s get to know each other.

Can we really get my book written and published in 90 days?2024-05-03T06:18:11-05:00

Yes. We achieve this almost every time. Be prepared to stick to the game plan we will design together and come through at every step of the way. If you get stumped, Captain Jim is here to coach you through it. On our end, we will meet all of our deadlines for you. That said, candidly, the answer to this question depends on you. How ready are you to establish your Celebrity Expert Brand and become #1 in your market and niche within the next few months?

I already have a rough draft of my book. Can you jump in with me where I’m at?2024-05-03T06:18:11-05:00

Actually, that’s awesome! With the raw material already in place, we can compare it to your strategic business growth goals and work with you to optimize and edit your manuscript into a Reader-Loving, Celebrity Branding, Dream Business-Building Book.  A lot of our developmental editing work, in these cases, tends to focus on creating the story or theme (think “Who Moved My Cheese?”) that leads to an eye-grabbing cover design with a click-magnet title and description. As Dan Poynter, widely regarded as the founder of the self-publishing and independent-publishing industries so famously said often, “Yes, a book is judged by its cover”.  (And its title, theme, and connecting story.) Let’s hook up and see where we are.

My content exists in the form of a bunch of blog posts and articles I’ve already written – can you help me turn them into a great book?2024-05-03T06:18:11-05:00

Great – we have content!  Now, let’s get together, organize what you have into a table of contents with a smooth flowing story, fit it into an acronym (the market LOVES acronyms), and wrap the reader-journey story around it.  We will say this: candidly, we know a lot of people with blogs and articles who… have blogs and articles.

The Success Advantage Celebrity Expert Book Accelerator Program transforms the inspiration into action so your ideal prospects and customers receive it in a nice package (with the ribbon tied around it), rather than you having 50 blog posts and 25 articles out there and hoping people on the internet find them all.

I don’t want to have to write the entire book, THEN begin editing. Is there a way we can make this an incremental process?2024-05-03T06:18:11-05:00

Actually, that’s how we usually do it.  We build a timetable for you to submit Chapter 1. You submit it, our editor gets to work on it, and in the meantime you move on your Chapter 2 deadline. This way you get feedback on a rolling basis, which means the manuscript continuously improves WHILE you create it. Complete Step One here.

I already have a couple pieces of this puzzle. For example, my graphic designer does book covers and I already have ISBN numbers. Can you still work with me?2024-05-03T06:18:11-05:00

We can customize the Success Advantage Celebrity Expert Book Accelerator to account for pieces you may have covered elsewhere. Go ahead and book a discovery call now so we can work all that into our game plan!

I’m excited to do this, and I have other questions before we get started.2024-05-03T06:18:11-05:00

Let’s talk about it – book a call with us now so we can get the ball rolling!

What To Do Now

If you have finally decided that slow to no growth is no longer an acceptable option for your business, book a discovery call with Cap’t Jim to discuss how we can get your celebrity expert branding book done fast:

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