Serve First – and Unlock a Life of Abundance and Purpose

Learn how giving some of your time and money to help others can not only be a blessing to them, it can be a blessing to you – perhaps even speeding up the growth and success of your business.

Hello friends,

The information I’m about to share with you can be life changing – for you and many others. As you will hear in the audio, this was not easy for me to share. In fact, I was so uncomfortable that I dragged my feet for six months! In the end, it became clear to me that NOT sharing this powerful message would be a huge disservice to many people.

WARNING: This is not my usual marketing and business building advice, although candidly, if acted upon this information may prove to be the accelerator that you are looking for to unlock a life of abundance and purpose.

I talk extensively about my faith and my relationship with God. And while I am clear about what I believe, I believe that this information can be powerful for anyone, no matter what you believe.

I encourage not to dismiss this information simply because we might have different views or beliefs. Instead, I encourage you listen to my experience as it relates to money and serving others – a lesson I learned from my greatest business mentor nearly 10 years ago.

Being willing to follow my business mentors advice has changed my life, and has made a difference in the lives of many others.

Sharing this message with you now is my way of paying it forward.

Enjoy and be blessed!

Cap’t Jim Palmer
The Dream Business Coach

P.S. Please feel free to share this message with your friends!