One of my Mastermind members is famous (or infamous, according to a few) for definitely not keeping a set work schedule.

He explained it to me thusly in a comment on a Facebook post in our group recently:

Really, Jim, I work when I feel like it – that sounds however it sounds.

Can’t remember the last time I started a project, or my day really, before 10 in the morning.

I definitely do not take calls before then under any circumstances.

Overall, I do projects 2 days a week, podcast interviews and client/prospect calls 2 days a week, and I’m quite ruthless about it.

I see a lot of sunrises, it’s just that I’m wrapping up a long, supercharged-productive day right around the time those so-called “early birds” (like you, sorry/not sorry) are staggering out of bed and jumpstarting themselves with coffee.

I don’t recognize “weekends” as such.

Sometimes I work Saturday nights because that’s when I feel inspired, and for those who say I have “no life”, I remind them that I regularly blow off weekdays if I wake up that day and nothing’s scheduled and nothing’s due, or if I just don’t feel like working and can move around whatever I had planned.

On my deep-immersion project days, nobody is allowed to interrupt me or schedule meetings with me, not even my paying clients.

People can “appeal” to my assistant if 10am isn’t early enough or Thursday is the only day they have available, and she’s under standing instructions to decline every request without checking with me first.

As far as availability, when we agree on a deadline I’ll meet it; if feature creep, a team member’s availability, or shifting priorities mean I might miss the stated deadline, I reach out to the client as soon as I know and work it out with them.

I don’t have office hours, and I don’t know “when’s a good time to talk” – I have TWO dedicated websites up for people to go book calls at their leisure, for any reason, they don’t even have to check with me to see if it’s okay first.

Overall this works good for me.

In fact, the more ruthless I am about maintaining these parameters, the more deals I close, the more projects I complete, and the more money I make.

I said when I started this whole entrepreneurship thing I would not be doing that 9 to 5 crap, and I meant it.

Not totally Four-Hour Work Week – but all the same, not a bad life, if you can get it.

And yes, you can.

If you’re working too hard, let’s take a look at your business and see how we can fix it right now.

If you’re at that point where you’re doing well enough to thrive, but not well enough to purchase speed, maybe what you need is to close a couple quick deals that get you over the cash-flow Rubicon standing between you making enough to be comfortable but not enough to leverage.

And hey, “Well, Wouldn’t You Know!” – you can find ways to expand your offers “literally on the fly” and make more money whenever a sudden opportunity lands in your lap.

Just those couple things alone should help you stay well-rested so you can work whenever you’re inspired.

Now, are you looking at what high income earners do daily?

Did you see what Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vaynerchuk have to say on the matter?

How about what Jon Taffer told me that one day?

Have you designed an operations structure that compels your team members to meet their deadlines because it makes them feel good to do so?

Are your team members excited to pitch in without being asked on the regular?

Lots of starting points here.

Now, let’s stop you from working too hard and fix it right now in a BIG way.

Here’s just one example.

Launching and hosting your lucrative virtual mastermind brings you six key benefits that, in and of themselves, can get you unchained from the hours-for-dollars treadmill:

  1. It can be very lucrative (like, $178k/year lucrative)
  2. A real boost for your overall brand
  3. It’s great for cash flow
  4. The teacher often learns more than the student
  5. You can share what made you successful with others
  6. You can run a virtual mastermind from anywhere!

It’s nice.

Very nice.

Did you also know that it makes you a recognized thought leader, which does more for your branding and client attraction over time than than the “quick fix” of a thousand Facebook ad campaigns pushing free strategy sessions?

It also gets you more repeat business – a typical member of my Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program stays 3 years, and several end up coming back for more!

Plus, a lot of my current members were referred to me by other members who were so wowed by their experience, they just had to invite their friends in business.

Funny thing – a lot of my Platinum members find themselves, within 2-3 months of joining, upgrading to Diamond PLUS hiring me to get their Celebrity Expert Branding book published.

When you create a lucrative virtual mastermind, you won’t be working too hard much longer.

The options are endless.

Everything you need is here, so let’s “fix it” right now as far as you being on the hours-for-dollars treadmill:

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. He is also the founder of Success Advantage Publishing.

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