Happy Friday!

I trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, if it was your holiday.

By now, you’ve opened your e-mail and seen a whole bunch of Black Friday offers.

Some from people you do business with already.

Some from people you’ve never done business with.

Some from people you’ve either never heard of…

…or haven’t heard from since right around this time last year.

A few of you have asked me about MY Black Friday sale.

This year, I’m not doing one, for a few reasons.

For one, my team did such an amazing job making last week’s 5-Day Create Your Dream Business Challenge a smashing success.

I decided to let them enjoy a well-deserved long weekend.

I’m a firm believer that great customer service comes from team members feeling well cared for – so in a sense I’m doing this for us – me and you.

Beyond that, I’ve been thinking about this, and right now retail-holiday sales just aren’t making sense.

Are you basing your revenue picture on three days?

Are you offering steep discounts on a specific day?

Is this happening at the expense of continuously nurturing your long-term customer relationships?

Not that Black Friday sales are necessarily bad – if you’re doing them for a PURPOSE.

I mean, if you’re in a retail-based business, using a Black Friday sale as an introduction backed up by a specific roadmap for the long-term customer journey MAY be effective – so long as it doesn’t set the frame that every subsequent transaction will come with a discount.

As a “thank you” for EXISTING customers, it may be a nice reinforcement for the “iron fence” you maintain around your awesome clients and customers.

So I’m not saying, “never do a Black Friday promotion”.

But don’t do them just because everyone else is doing them.

(I DO have “Fast Cash strategies” including word-for-word scripts you can use anytime, contact my office at (800) 214-6158 or coach@GetJimPalmer.com if you’re interested since they’re not part of any of the products in the Marketplace.)

That said,

If you’ve finally had enough of “slow to no growth” in your business – if you’re ready to significantly accelerate your growth and profitability – it’s time for a new frame.

If anything I am sharing today resonates with you, at any level, you’re invited to join me on a new journey.

We’re going to radically change the meaning of entrepreneurship in 2020.

Forget one-day sales – we’re going for EVERY-DAY revenues and profits.

Sound like a better deal?

Does this sound awesome?

Or does this sound AWESOME!?

Watch this space and stick with me.

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