I trust you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration week, if it’s your holiday.

By Friday morning, you’ll probably have opened your e-mail and seen a whole bunch of Black Friday offers.

Some from people you do business with already.

Some from people you’ve never done business with.

Some from people you’ve either never heard of…

…or haven’t heard from since right around this time last year.

A few of you have asked me about MY Black Friday sale.

This year, I’m not doing one, for a few reasons.

For one, my team does such an amazing job year-round, I want them to have THEIR chance to savor THEIR success.

After all, they are Dream Business entrepreneurs themselves, so why should they be slaving away while I’m kicked back living large?

Especially when last time I went away, they went above and beyond to cover me while I was on vacation, so that the one time I did check-in on my e-mails, I logged in to see everything had already been handled even before I knew about it!

They even offered to help with a sale without me asking, and I said no.

I decided to let them enjoy a well-deserved long weekend instead.

I’m a firm believer that great customer service comes from team members feeling well cared for – so in a sense I’m doing this for us – me and you.

Beyond that, I’ve been thinking about this, and right now retail-holiday sales just aren’t making sense, to me at least.

Are you basing your revenue picture on three days?

Are you offering steep discounts on a specific day?

Is this happening at the expense of continuously nurturing your long-term customer relationships EVERY day?

Not that Black Friday sales are necessarily bad – if you’re doing them for a PURPOSE.

I mean, if you’re in a retail-based business, using a Black Friday sale as an introduction backed up by a specific roadmap for the long-term customer journey MAY be effective – so long as it doesn’t set the frame that every subsequent transaction will come with a discount (more on that in a moment).

As a “thank you” for EXISTING customers, it may be a nice reinforcement for the “iron fence” you maintain around your awesome clients and customers.

So I’m not saying, “never do a Black Friday promotion”.

But don’t do them just because everyone else is doing them.

I DO have “Fast Cash strategies” including word-for-word scripts you can use anytime – every day of the year, including today, you can get them and put them to work instantly.

You can even, if you choose yourself to leverage the “retail holiday weekend”, deploy them at once to close bigger deals faster without relying on funnels, special webpages, discount coupons, e-mail campaigns, and the like.

Now, back to that discount thing I mentioned above.

Here are two reasons NOT to offer discounts on your products and services.

First, as I mentioned above, if you lead by offering a discount, the next time you make an offer, your existing customers may feel entitled to a discount and refuse to take action unless you offer another one.

Or, they may just sit around and wait to see if somewhere down the road, you knock down the price.

How is that serving anyone involved in the transaction?

How is that being you taking a powerful stand for your customer’s success and results?

Second – and leading from the first – tossing out discounts implies that your prices aren’t “real” and that the value of what you offer is actually far less than you’re asking.

Who wants to spend a dime on second-best?

Not me!

What to do instead? Offer premiums and add value.

For example:

  • Add a bonus that requires little to no extra work on your part as far as the delivery, but does give the purchaser a tangible additional benefit.
  • In your pricing, include a “bump offer” that adds a lot of additional value, for just a little bit MORE money (not less).  The Cashflow Conversation Code has such an offer that I am certain you’ll love.  Also, we first tested this successfully on an e-book I sold 10 years ago, where we put most of the price in the e-book itself, and added a pre-checkout “bump offer” with several other features that only cost $20 more.
  • Throw in an extra coaching call or two – hey, it’s really just a few minutes of your time, but think for a moment about the glue-like power of the strengthened customer bond because you gave additional support!
  • Position it in such a way that the customer feels like they are purchasing speed, however you can make that look, feel, and sound like an incentive to act this weekend (or whatever day you choose) – as opposed to “some other time”. You can say something like, “I have an opening in my schedule and can do this in half the time for the next 3 people to take me up on this, but hurry before all 3 spots are filled!”

How else can you make the offer feel more powerful and valuable by just adding a little, rather than lowering the price?

Or possibly even increasing the price?

Now, all that said,

If you’ve finally had enough of “slow to no growth” in your business – if you’re ready to significantly accelerate your growth and profitability – it’s time for a new frame.

If anything I am sharing today resonates with you, at any level, you’re invited to join me on a new journey.

We’re going to radically change the meaning of entrepreneurship.

Forget one-day sales – we’re going for EVERY-DAY revenues and profits.

Sound like a better deal?

Does this sound awesome?

Or does this sound AWESOME!?

Should you find yourself highly excited and motivated to see what it’s about, click here now.

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. He is also the founder of Success Advantage Publishing.

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