Whom do you consider to be a high income earner? I understand that income levels differ from one region to the other and from one person to the other. The one thing that is constant in most people is the need to make more money and secure their future as well as that of their kids. To do this, there are some things that you will notice to appear frequently in most of the high income earners.

Let us look at some of the high income earners in the world and use them as comparisons for our purposes. The richest man in the world Bill Gates is known as being the founder of Microsoft. This is where he made his initial mark, however, to get to the level he has, Bill Gates put some of his money in Cascade Investments, an investment firm that helped him diversify. This brings us to characteristic number one of high income earners; multiple revenue streams. High income earners will most often have more than one source of income. By diversifying the revenue streams, it assures you of some income even if some sources go through a drought. It acts as a buffer for you ensuring that you are always on stable footing. In the example that we have above, even if Microsoft collapsed today or if he decided to sell off his stock in it to another party, Bill Gates can always rely on the other sources of income to remain among the richest people in the world.

The other characteristic of high income earners is that they do not waste time with unqualified prospects. The thing about growing a business is that you will need to walk into many meetings and pitch to many people, some of whom may not have the capacity or the need to buy your product. Your success is often reliant on your capacity to convince those you meet that the product you are selling is actually important to them. This is the basic model for growing your business, pitch to as many people, sale as much as possible and generate repeat customers. However, when you are on you are a high income earner, the one thing that you do not really have is time to waste. Time becomes one of your most valuable assets and as such you must focus your energies on the areas that will earn you most income. This means that you have to filter the prospects that you get to determine where you are bound to make more and focus your energies more on these cases. This smart marketing technique ensures that your return on investment is a lot higher. As a high income earner, identifying the opportunity that is inherent in a certain lead is one of the best qualities you can have. It is important to note that high net worth does not always result in quality leads. Sometimes a low net worth individual may actually be a better lead for you. It is this kind of decisions that make the difference between a high income earner and the competition.