Entrepreneurs: when you start your business, you’ve got the skill and the talent.

Whether you’re an attorney, a CPA, a copywriter, maybe you help people with business plans, whatever it is – that is your genius.

Then all of a sudden you start taking on clients and you’ve got all kinds of other activities.

You start wearing other hats – the marketing hat, the copywriting hat, the website hat, the greeter hat, the assistant hat, and the beat goes on.

I know it’s tough – but you can’t get stuck wearing all those hats.

Do what you have to, but escape all those hats as quickly as possible and only focus on what I call high-revenue generating activities.

If I actually did the things myself that my half-dozen team members did for me, by God, I’d be actually making $10-$15 per hour!

If you’re doing work that’s something substantially less than what you want to earn – hate to break it to you, but that’s what you’re actually earning.

Me – I focus on coaching and running the Dream Business Mastermind.

I write books.

I help my clients write their books.

I work with clients to design their signature talks and produce their events.

That’s it.

Everything else gets farmed out, including 100% of everything we do at No Hassle Newsletters.

That ALSO includes this here article you’re reading right now.

Sure, I create the concepts and the stories – what you’re reading is my thoughts in my voice.

But I don’t log in and post it.

Twice per week, my copywriter transforms my books, transcripts, and musings inside my Facebook group into blog posts, applying the special “Wikipedia” touch that helps you find what’s most useful to you while raising the blog’s overall SEO value.

Heck, he even knew to tweak the title of a draft I gave him and instantly add 18 AIOSEO points by doing so – I originally called it “The Seesaw Effect” but he knew to make it “The Seesaw Rule for Business Decision-Making”.

He did this without running it by me – why would I make it harder for him by nit-picking over minutiae like blog post titles rather than greasing the skids that get my content to you faster?

It’s below my pay grade to even know what he knows, much less do it myself.

Saying “YES” to being creative, while saying “NO” to publishing the content myself, reaps other rewards.

Once per week, we send out an e-newsletter containing these two new posts, the latest podcast episode, and more.

By “we”, I mean my team and me.

As I said above, all the concepts, ideas, and stories are mine – this is really Cap’t Jim’s Dream Business Building Wisdom.

My copywriter transforms my musings into the formats needed for valuable content marketing – which includes adding the Oxford Comma, which he insists on regardless of any writing-style rules, saying it could save me a fortune.

My podcast producer edits my episodes, loads them to our server, and posts them to the website.

A fourth person inserts the ezine content into our template and makes sure it goes out to you at the usual day and time.

My operations manager designed this entire process – he intentionally designed it to involve four people to ensure it happens on-time, every time.

Here’s why you’re more likely to get things done on-time, every time, when you involve multiple people instead of one-stop-shopping it – or worse, trying to do it yourself.

Well, if you’re out on a hike and you feel thirsty, that means you should have already been drinking.

Your business is the same way.

That’s a really hard concept for a lot of entrepreneurs to focus on, because it feels like you put the cart before the horse when you go to hire your very first virtual assistant, contractor, or employee – it feels like you’re not quite there.

If you’re not getting things done, if your to-do list is long because you’re trying to whittle everything away and you’re not taking care of the high revenue generating activities, that is very, very bad.

You have to put the cart before the horse.

It’s very, very scary – I totally get that.

Yet, every time I’ve hired somebody, lo and behold, my business gets more efficient.

If you want to earn $1,000,000 working 50 weeks a year, assuming a 50-hour work week, the math is simple – you have to earn $400 per hour:

$400 x 50 hours x 50 weeks = $1,000,000

So if you’re doing work that you could be subcontracting out for $10-$15 per hour, I’m even talking in your personal life – if you’re still cutting your lawn or mowing your grass, if you’re still cleaning your house, and that’s time that you could be growing your business, working within your genius, that’s a bad thing.

Operate within your genius zone, focus on high-revenue generating activities, and delegate the rest.

That’s how you’re going to grow your dream business.

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. Claim your FREE Dream Business Transformation now!

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