This one’s for all you serial entrepreneurs, multi-preneurs, and masters-of-many trades who want to pull it all together…

Lin M. Eleoff is an attorney, author, former television news journalist, and triple-certified business and lifestyle coach.

As if that isn’t enough to keep her busy, Lin is also a devoted mother of four!

Sometimes, for entrepreneurs seeking growth, the answer is so close, we don’t see it.

When Lin approached me about coaching her, one of her questions was, “What do I focus on?”

Lin indeed has an impressive background.

After reviewing so much of her impressive background, and after asking Lin a few of my “Coach Jim” questions, the answer became very clear to me.

I told Lin her Super Power, in the way only a business coach can see: she totally understands the “business side of coaching”.

Speaking of which: there are thousands of so-called coaches who have a passion for serving others, but don’t know how to get clients and make money.

Lin knows how to take the dream of being a coach, and actually make money doing it.

Lin loved the idea and told me that she really wants to empower other female entrepreneurs to step up, embrace their gifts, make a big impact, and achieve more.

For starters, my team and I at Success Advantage Publishing helped Lin develop The Business Side of Being a Life Coach.

In addition, Lin and I agree that her experience, passion, and vision were worthy of more than just a book and course…

…so we created TWUP – The Woman UP University – an online business school that focuses on the business of being a woman in business.

Lin has created several courses to help women get started in their businesses.

By the way, Lin has also put her law degree to good use by creating the Cover Your Assets Online program, an incredibly valuable resource to help legally protect online entrepreneurs (I bought this program for myself during the whole GDPR thing and now use it for my website policies).

I am beyond proud of the work Lin has done to help thousands of women to “Woman UP” and make their dreams of being a coach, a reality.

If this kind of coaching and guidance, and working with other superstar entrepreneurs sounds like something you could benefit from, then connect with me about joining the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program.