This one’s about a genuinely kind man who shares his gifts through his expertise – and an excellent book!

Wayne Belisle is a gifted and talented entrepreneur, author, and CPA.

Over the last 30 years, Wayne has built an incredible practice in El Paso, Texas.

Wayne is well known, not only for his gifts and talents in accounting and tax planning, but also for his integrity and easy-going manner.

Three years ago, Wayne attended my Dream Business Academy event in San Diego, and subsequently joined my Dream Business Mastermind.

Wayne also became one of my VIP Elite Coaching members.

We started working together on multiple tracks, including building on his already successful accounting firm, increasing profits, and creating additional streams of revenue.

Like most clients, Wayne practice had room for what I call “price elasticity.”

The more Wayne and I worked together; two things became apparent.


First, Wayne is one of the most genuine, caring, and client-focused CPAs I’ve ever worked with.

I knew simply getting Wayne in front of more people, through great marketing, would prove to be a big boon for his business.

Today, you can catch Wayne’s savvy and home-spun wisdom on his Facebook Live videos.

My team and I at Success Advantage Publishing helped Wayne publish The 90 Day Profit Reset – Gain Your Independence From Reduced Cash Flow, Shrinking Margins, and an Evaporating Customer Base.


We’re now beginning to work on his second book.

Second, during our many 1:1 coaching calls, it became clear to me that in addition to his accounting acumen, Wayne’s decades of experience helping his clients with some marketing and business-building strategies has well positioned him to start a high-level coaching program.

Just today, Wayne is signing a new client for accounting, tax planning, and his coaching!

This new high-value client reached out to Wayne after learning about his practice and coaching program…

Wait for it…

From reading his new book!

Yes, being an author will absolutely move your business, and profits, forward.

Learn more about Wayne and his services and catch his wisdom on Facebook here.

If this kind of coaching and Dream Business building guidance you could benefit from – and working with other superstar entrepreneurs in a powerful mastermind could be the game changer you’re looking for – then check out my Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program.

To Your Success,