Every business relationship you have with either a customer, client, or patient is going to have a bump in the road now and then – no matter how much of a world-class experience you deliver, meeting and exceeding expectations.

Maybe there was some sort of unmet expectation.

Something went wrong in the delivery.

It ran late.

It was done incorrectly.

There was miscommunication, and the problems multiplied from there before anyone noticed you weren’t on the same page.

The dog ate your homework.


When you have raving fans in your business, you can withstand the occasional bump in the road.

Think of sports fans who continue to support their teams, even when they’re on a years-long losing streak.

These raving fans keep showing up for games, wearing their jerseys, because there’s a long-term relationship.

Does you have long-term relationships with your customers?

See, if your business is based just on transactions, you barely know your customers, and you have no real solid relationship, what happens if there’s a gaffe or a bump in the road?


Your customers will head right for the door.

They’ll find another supplier, maybe even that upstart they just heard about today.

However, when you proactively engage, stay in touch with, and build stronger relationships with your customers, it will be harder for them to leave over the occasional bump in the road.

When the occasional gaffe or bump in the road does occur, the fact that your customers are raving fans means they’ll stick around.

Oh, and imagine how much stronger the relationship gets when your customers see you quickly and effectively fix problems, letting them feel how much you TRULY care about them!

Also, raving fans refer you more ideal-fit prospects and customers.

Think of a restaurant.

Just because you have a good meal at a restaurant once doesn’t mean you’re going to be a raving fan.

On the other hand, if you have several good meals, you’ll start going more often – once a month, once a week, maybe every day.

You’ll be quickly ushered to your favorite table and all the servers will know your order the moment you walk in, including the part where you want an extra scoop of raisins.

Before you know it, you’ll bring all your friends to the restaurant.

The servers will treat your friends like royalty just because they’re your friends!

Same with dry cleaners.

They know how you like your shirts starched and how you like your pants pressed.

All you do is walk in, get a ticket, and you know you’ll get your clothes dry-cleaned just the way you want without having to explain it.

With all that trust and relationship built up, you’re not going to walk out just because maybe once a year a shirt comes back wrinkled.

Before you know it, everybody in your circle who needs a suit pressed or a dress cleaned will be using that dry cleaner, too.

Creating a lucrative virtual mastermind puts all of this into overdrive and gets you more raving fans than you have likely thought possible, up until now.

The typical mastermind member stays about three years, and a lot of them come back later for more – that’s a long-term relationship.

When the mastermind experience transforms your customer’s (meaning your member’s) business and life, they’ll tell everyone they know.

They’re not going to bail because, despite your usual punctuality, there’s that ONE time you miss a call or have to reschedule at the last minute.

They’re certainly not going to walk out on you if one little thing you coached them to do only gets them 90% of the result they hoped for.

What they WILL do is become your raving fan – candidly, I have lots of raving fans (see their stories and testimonies here and here).

Next thing you know, your members’ friends and colleagues will come knocking asking if you still have any spots open in your mastermind, card in hand, ready to pay hundreds (even thousands) of dollars per month for the chance to work with the best of the best (that being you).

With all this in place, you’ll easily survive any little bump in the road.

Let me help you make this happen, right away:

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. Claim your FREE Dream Business Transformation now!

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