I think we’ve all seen the Out-Of-The-Blue Guru once or twice.


They come in all shapes and sizes, but they fit the same mold:

  • You haven’t heard of them until today, but all of a sudden your feed is filled with their ads and it seems like they’re everywhere, sucking all the oxygen right out of the marketing space you’re competing in
  • They have a fancy website, products and services ready to go, and (probably) a $2,000 photo shoot for all their nifto-swifto social media graphics
  • All of a sudden, you’re bombarded with their 10 selfie videos per day, through which they cherry-pick the people you see as YOUR prospects!

What’s worse is if you HAVE heard of them… like, you remember that two months ago the Out-Of-The-Blue Guru was that clueless newbie who begged you to let them pick your brain over a cup of coffee or a Zoom chat you (hopefully) didn’t do for free, if you gave them the time.

Now, the Out-Of-The-Blue Guru Is The All-Of-A-Sudden Star In Your Space.

Okay, yeah, that’s frustrating.

I get it.

Candidly, I’ve seen it happen in my space, too.


Are You Ready To Beat Them At Their Own Game?

First, let’s remember there are usually months or years of struggle behind every “overnight success”.

They went through it too.

Like any smart entrepreneur, they left all that “stuff” on the cutting-room floor when they created the “sizzle reel” they’re showing your market now.

Their “out-of-the-blue” appearance is likely the end result of them having taken the time to (quietly) do things like:

  • Join a great mastermind and in doing so “buy speed” to get them to market with their Celebrity Brand faster
  • Invest in themselves by researching their market, building a network, and creating alliances – they did this via Messenger and used scripts similar to the “Fast Cash” formula my Mastermind members use to go from $0 to five digits in just a couple months
  • In fact, when they asked for a few minutes of your time, they had identified you as a potential partner in their success – meaning they saw YOU as a guru they needed to look up to and learn from – but you missed the hint
  • While you were hemming and hawing, they chose instead to DECIDE and JUST SAY YES to their dreams!

Second, remember that success is never a straight line.

To get where you are today, you probably leapfrogged over someone, without even realizing it.

That was the time you took that bold step forward while someone else was hemming and hawing in Squishyville.

People Will Leapfrog Ahead Of You, Just As You Will Leapfrog In Front Of Other People.

Have you thought about setting aside your resentment and instead reaching out to them to explore partnership or collaborative opportunities?

Maybe their “overnight success” has gotten them more leads than they can handle, and they’d be delighted to offload some overflow to you in the form of ready-to-buy referrals!

I’ve seen people jump-start Dream Businesses, with testimonials and case studies from satisfied customers lined up BEFORE hitting the market, this way.

Third, if they saw opportunity and acted on it, that probably means opportunity is there.

Great news for you!

THEIR success is now part of YOUR proof of concept!

You can have your slice of the cake, too.

Get to work.

Bake that cake.

Do You Deserve To Be A Guru?

Ah, there’s a challenge question.

Whenever a member of my Mastermind is dealing with head trash that makes them feel like a perpetual benchwarmer or also-ran, I ask this “tough love” question:

“What have you done to earn the right to charge people for your products and services?”

Every single time, to their surprise, they discover they have done a LOT to earn that right – through their own knowledge, expertise, successes, and even related experience.

They just didn’t realize it because they didn’t know, up until then, to ask themselves that question.

Ask yourself now, even if you think you already know.

I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the answers.

If Cash-Flow Is A Problem, Don’t Let It Be

I don’t recommend you bankrupt yourself in debt, but I do ask you to consider the following.

During my “revenue-free” year starting out in business, I was unemployed and battling cancer.

My wife supported me and our four teenagers as best she could managing a daycare.

Her paycheck helped, but we did have to live on credit cards for several months, and those same cards were all I had at my disposal to get No Hassle Newsletters from “concept” to “revenue”.

Today, we’re living our dream.

I bring this up because you may be asking yourself, “where do I get investors and lines of credit to provide the capital I need to get off the ground?”

Did you know that Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are investors you have access to right now?

That piece of plastic, which gives you instant access to money you don’t have in exchange for letting you pay it back with interest, IS a line of credit.

It will cover your start-up and launch costs at your command!

Use it.

Get your success.

Then pay it off using a portion of your profits.

I bet Out-Of-The-Blue Guru started there, too – in fact, they may still be paying Discover 21% for that website and Facebook ad campaign!

Now, It’s YOUR Turn.

Ask yourself what foundation you need to be building NOW so in a few months’ time, you can explode on the scene as the next Out-Of-The-Blue Guru.

And for goodness’ sake, enlist the support of those who are headed there too!


Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. He is also the founder of Success Advantage Publishing.

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