15 minutes before I start a coaching call, mastermind call, podcast interview, or call with one of our authors, I treat myself to a sandwich with peanut butter, jelly, and a scoop of raisins.

I call it a PBJ&R, and I have all the ingredients on the same shelf in one cupboard so I can whip one up quickly.

If I’m really busy with back-to-back calls and can’t get to the kitchen, I’ll ask Stephanie to make me one **IF** she’s not immersed with her own business ventures at the moment.

All I have to say is “PBJ&R please?” and she knows.

By the time I log in for the call, I’m pumped.

My brain is logged in and my creative brilliance is in full effect.

Just today, I was so “logged in” for a coaching call I literally drafted my client’s new lead magnet in real time, start to finish, in less than 30 minutes.

(Say, do you need a new lead magnet?)

What Sparks Your Mastermind Motivation and Lights Up Your Creativity?

For some people, a brisk walk around the block does the trick.

One of my mastermind members logs into her business bank account, and whatever she sees in that moment (even if it’s bad) gets her mastermind motivation moving.

Another mastermind member, I know he’s warming up to create something huge when I see him all of a sudden posting ten times as much on social media than his normal – for him, he budgets an hour or so of “goofing off” to limber up his master mind before he dives in.

Several people I know will spend a little time reading a good book.

Or putting in a few minutes writing their book, so they approach the next call or task at hand on a winning streak of progress.

Someone else I know does a little online shopping.

Whatever Gets Your Mastermind Motivation Moving – Do That!

It’s the little things.

Whatever it is for you, do it.

You’re not only allowed, but consider this a direct order from your Dream Business Coach.

Treat yourself to a tasty serving of Mastermind Motivation before your next task, and watch your results grow!

It’s important.

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. He is also the founder of Success Advantage Publishing.

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