It came to a point where I just quit.

I couldn’t take the name-calling anymore.

Back in 2008, back when No Hassle Newsletters was barely a twinkle in the eye of what it’s since grown into, serving hundreds of Dream Business Owners in 9 countries on 3 continents, I was charging $47 or $97 for memberships.

Candidly, even the thought of raising the price was nail-biting.

At the time, I belonged to a mastermind with 9 other business owners.

Every meeting, they were giving me crap about my prices, given the Done-For-You templates and mastheads, dozens of pages of content each month, and so much more that members get.

Well, this one mastermind session was particularly brutal.

The other members called me names I won’t repeat in polite company.

One of the tamer adjectives they used was to call me a “pansy” – not even a cuss word, but that one cut right to the quick – I was NOT “immune”.

THAT ONE particularly hurt since I was urging my market to not be a “newsletter pansy” – I even had a website up at the time urging entrepreneurs not to be “newsletter pansies”!

For a moment, I considered calling an ambulance to take me to the burn unit!

Now, this mastermind meeting took place in late summer, so I decided I’d show THEM a thing or two.

For Labor Day, I ran a promotion titled “I Quit – I Can’t Take The Name-Calling Anymore!”

I announced that right after Labor Day, I was doubling the prices of No Hassle Newsletters.

If they acted immediately, they could still get the $47/$97 rates and be grandfathered in with their rates protected against price hikes for three years as long as they maintained their membership the whole time.

What happened?

I added 26 new members and over $50,000 in projected revenue to my bottom line.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 19 members at $47/mo for 36 months = $32,148
  • 7 members at $97/mo for 36 months = $24,444
  • Total projected revenue = $56,592

Even with a few credit card expirations where they didn’t respond to requests to update so we “lost” the members, which happens to everyone no matter how much you invest trying to avoid it, that means I added about $50,000.

Then remember that future members paid $97 or $197, and it started adding up fast.

The rates are higher now, which is a reflection of how many more features and benefits we’ve added since 2008.

The next year I started a mastermind and things really got rolling.

All because I decided I quit and I couldn’t take the name-calling anymore!

I even went on to teach about price elasticity, raising your rates, and increasing your company’s valuation – along with adding a little “wow factor” to your customer retention.

All because a little tough love did the trick.

I’d like to see you start a mastermind, monetize your excellence, and savor the joys of helping others better their own best – then having your wildly-successful members refer you even MORE mastermind members!

I’m here to help.

For you, I’ve created a new guide called The Top 3 Benefits of Creating Your Own Lucrative Virtual Mastermind.

This is something I’d normally sell for $79, simply because the simple roadmap for adding anywhere from $17,640 to $178,920 per year (or more) is enclosed within its 11 easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement pages.

Yes, I did some PRECISE math for you!

For now, this lucrative virtual mastermind guide is yours, absolutely free.

If just one thing I’ve shared with you on the Wikipedia of entrepreneur blogs about masterminds lately has raised your curiosity even just a little, we owe it to each other for you to check this out now.

Grab your free copy now before I come to my senses :-)

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. He is also the founder of Success Advantage Publishing.

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