It’s everywhere.

No doubt, if you are marketing your business, you’ve already gotten your fair share of it.

Some of it may be warranted, but a lot of it should probably be ignored.

For some, this can be difficult to do; however, you must DECIDE to become immune to criticism.

If you want to be successful and really grow your business and significantly boost your profits, you simply cannot need the approval from others about how you operate or market your business.

Here are five simple steps you can take if you find yourself caring, more than you should, about what other say.

  1. If you want to be successful and really grow your Dream Business, you simply cannot need approval from others. You must DECIDE to develop a thick skin.
  2. Listening to criticism and allowing it to alter your plans puts you on the road to Squishyville. This little rinky-dink town Squishyville is where opportunities go to die.
  3. Fear of success is as stifling as fear of failure. The roads to success and failure often overlap for a while. Don’t immediately do an about-face when you fail. Figure out what didn’t work and keep going. Your entrepreneurial success story is not over until you quit.
  4. To be successful, you cannot continually be in the company of doomsayers and nay-sayers. Surround yourself with like-minded, positive people who are as determined to create success as you are.
  5. Use a two-step filter when you hear criticism. Step 1: Ask yourself if the critic is an expert about which she is opining, or are they just bloviating?! Step 2: Ask yourself if their opinion really matters to you. If either answer is “no,” be immune to the criticism. Dismiss it as just ‘noise’ and move on.

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Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. He is also the founder of Success Advantage Publishing.

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