Every once in a while, I pull back the curtain here on the blog.

Here’s a taste of the sales scripting I share with members of my coaching and mastermind programs.

How many times do you have a conversation with someone who seems so eager to get started?

But then, as soon as you shoot your shot, they shut you down cold, claiming they “all of a sudden” can’t afford it?

After you just did three calls with them?


Spoiler alert: they didn’t go that far with you, and then bail, because they can’t afford your high-ticket offer now.

You’ll find out the hard way in a couple weeks.

They’ll post online about how excited they are, having signed up for someone else’s high-ticket offer that costs more than yours.

So, yeah, chances are, they can afford your high-ticket offer now.

And it’s not up to you to make the decision on their behalf that they can’t afford it.

However, it IS up to you to show them how they CAN.

Two ways to do this.

The first thing you’ll do is flip the script.

Them saying “I can’t afford your high-ticket offer now” makes you feel like they yanked your chain and wasted your time.

Get that feeling out of your mind right now.

If need be, I’ll send you some cheese to pair with your whine.

Suck it up.

Let it go.

Instead, try saying something like this:

What has to happen for you to afford this?

If you doing this with me brings in one client, or two clients, then it becomes very affordable, yes?

How can you step up, borrow the money, find the money, get the money, somehow get on board with me, and let’s get you these clients?

Maybe spend 5 minutes showing them a quick way they can monetize their existing business right now.

This put themselves in the financial pole position to step up with you.

They’ll remember who gave them a leg up, as long as you stay in touch.

The second thing you do is offer Door Number Two.

Your prospect says they can’t afford your high ticket offer right now.

Maybe they legitimately can’t… right now.

But they may be able to afford it soon, so do you have another way that gets them on board today?

You know, so the second they do have the dough for your high-ticket offer, your competitor doesn’t smell the cash and swoop right in while you’re off sulking?

I realize there are people who may need to play a longer game than the quick run-up and quick blast-off.

Well, turns out I just created this new opportunity, which is 100% for you.

So if you’re anywhere other than “I’m ready to go right now” on what I showed you a minute ago, then you should try this other program at $XXX per month. It’s the biggest no-brainer I’ve ever created.

Flipping the script back for one second:

Have you, as a consumer, ever jumped on an opportunity to get PART of what you want, at a price you can easily afford?

Then felt a sense of relief and excitement that your time exploring the opportunity ended in you not walking away empty-handed?

You know… how you’ll buy something in order to avoid feeling like you wasted the shopping trip?

If the choice is between $XX,000 they can’t afford now, and $XXX/month they can… well, do you choose a new client?

Is it all-or-nothing?

Is there, indeed, a choice?

What I’ve described here is known as a “descension ladder”.

That being said, can I get all “business resale value” on you for a second?

Having a downsell offer is an iron fence you build around your customers.

Get them on board with you however you can.

When they CAN “afford this now” to your high-ticket offer, will they find it easier to simply upgrade with you and speed up what’s already happening?

Or start from scratch with your competitor?

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. Claim your FREE Dream Business Transformation now!

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