This is your time.

Your time is now.

As an entrepreneur, are you fixated on achieving and living your dream, yet you rise every day, unwilling to travel the journey that will actually get you there?

Too many entrepreneurs are living in a constant state of “waiting.”

They’re waiting for “this” or “that” to change – yet, when it does, this or that is replaced with something else to wait for.

Some are waiting for a magical “green light” with the economy, the next election, or something else that has no real bearing on them achieving their dream. #excuses

Some are even waiting to play a bigger game until they hit some mythical number of likes, downloads, or follows, as if this will prove to them that now is the time to act.

The missing ingredients are courage and action.

Waiting consumes days, weeks, months – and yes, waiting consumes years of wasting time that you will never get back.

The truth is, things will never be perfectly lined up.

There is always a reason to hold off and pull the trigger another day.

You might rationalize that you need go to one more live event, read another “must-read” book; heck, you even rationalize away that the skill set you know will be a huge game-changer for you and your business is really not essential.

Your head tells you that there is a “work-around” while deep in your heart you know it’s time to man up.

Ask me how I know that to be true.

My guess is, your even in perpetual “waiting” mode because doing something big requires you to draw outside the lines, live a life out of the ordinary, or work a schedule that is so unconventional it actually draws some sneers and funny faces.

Ask me how I know that to be true.

As coach for the last 13 years, I can honestly say that there are things you can do right now, with the right guidance and encouragement, that you might not even believe to be possible.

There are things you can do right now to live a life of meaning and purpose and one that when your time comes, you can smile with a feeling of having no regrets and say to yourself, “yeah, I did that!”

On a personal note, Stephanie and I decided to go on a one-year big adventure, five years ago.

Somewhere in the first year, our big adventure became our chosen lifestyle.

Sure, we get some funny looks when people hear that we sold our house.

A common question is, when will you be done and move back to land – as if that’s the correct thing to do!

I get looks when people hear that I only work 3 days a week.

The look on their face says, “that doesn’t seem smart!”

Are there scary moments? You bet.

When the sunsets and rainbows are swapped out for some truly terrifying moments, we question our sanity.

However, when our hearts stop beating out of our chests, and we calm down, we smile and say, “yeah, we did that!”

Are there occasional moments when I feel I should have perhaps pushed off this crazy floating lifestyle and working 3 days a week a few more years?

Yes, those dastardly feelings occasionally creep in.

And when they do, it doesn’t take me long to remember how I felt when the surgeon told me my chances of being alive in 5 years might be 50/50.

That was 21 years ago, but I never forgot that exact moment when I learned how short life can be.

That was one of the defining and driving moments that first pushed me out of the “waiting” zone and into the “take action today” zone – because tomorrow is not promised.

I will be forever grateful for the mentors and coaches who helped me get out of the waiting zone in my business, and into the action zone.

I have a great friend, Bobby, who once asked me,

“Jim, are you ever going to buy a boat, or just talk about it for the rest of your life? You are well passed the time and goals you set years ago when you first started talking about it.”

Thank you, my friend.

Stephanie once told a friend,

“Jim and I decided to live with less, so we can experience more. We got tired of driving up the same driveway for 29 years, and wanted to go on a big adventure.”

I think that sums our life beautifully.

My journey as an entrepreneur has not been without perils, frights, fears, and demons.

But thanks to coaches and mentors, and thanks to me stepping up to Just Say Yes, we are truly living our dream lifestyle.

As a coach, I know now, that it is not only my experience creating successful businesses that make me a great coach, it is the mindset battles I’ve won, and the entire journey I’ve traveled that got me to this point.

It is an unbeatable combination that helps me transform the lives of my clients.

Are you ready to exit the “waiting zone” and truly build your Dream Business, so you too can live your Dream Lifestyle?

Connect with me and let’s talk about it!

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. He is also the founder of Success Advantage Publishing.

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