At Least Be Honest With Yourself: Do You Want Success For Yourself?


Have you ever encountered a prospective client who you were certain that your program or service would greatly help them, yet they did not take action? Be honest with yourself.

While there are a few reasons why, the biggest reason is something that you cannot control.

Recently, I was talking to an entrepreneur who was considering attending my next Dream Business Academy in San Diego and honestly, the conversation left me shaking my head.

I’ve been doing this a long time, and with a short conversation, I can quickly determine if someone would greatly benefit by attending my event or honestly, whether they should stay home and not waste their time, nor mine.

Right after that call, I was chatting with a friend(a highly successful entrepreneur) and I mentioned this conversation about Dream Business Academy and how I knew it would be perfect for them and yet they were passing.

My friend is always honest with me, and would just as easily call me a pompous ass as he would validate my thoughts! He asked me to share a little of our conversation.

I suspect he wanted to make sure I did enough to build trust and value.

I talked about the agenda, my guest speakers and all of the things that we would be teaching about how to grow and market a Dream Business. I also explained that DBA is a pitch free seminar, which means it is 3 days of actionable business building content without order forms flying around every hour on the hour.

Finally, I also explained that the reasonable investment to attend DBA (currently $497) included our cocktail networking reception, lunch all three days and a free ticket to our VIP Mastermind Dinner party!

To me, the $497 is a grand bargain.

Yet this person passed, citing their busy schedules and in a roundabout way, I could tell that they were also questioning the investment.

Based on my own instincts and decades of experience, I believed that one of two things were likely at play.

  1. They have a spouse, parent or significant other covering their household expenses which means there is zero pressure to take a risk and invest in their business to accelerate its growth. Simply put, as my friend, the great motivational speaker Les Brown says, “You gotta be hungry!”
  2. Or, their current business makes ‘just enough’ money to make getting a job seem an unreasonable solution to their slow growth. This is similar to the ‘thorn in the lion’s paw’ – their situation is such that while their slow to no growth is not fun, they’re not really in enough pain to do whatever it takes to achieve success.

After sharing this with my friend, he didn’t call me a pompous ass! In fact, he said I covered the bases pretty well.

However, he did remind me of a very important truth in business that I wanted to share with you.

I particularly want to share this with those entrepreneurs, who like me, are super competitive and hate to lose and also have a heart to serve others.

Here’s what he said: “Jim, your passion and desire to help entrepreneurs grow is admirable; but the reality is that you cannot want success more for your clients than they want it for themselves. When you encounter someone like this, move on.” 

BAM. This was indeed a powerful reminder to be honest with yourself.

The next time you encounter prospective clients who you know deep down would greatly benefit from your program and experience amazing results, and yet they pass, remember the bottom line as so eloquently stated by my friend:

“Your passion and desire to help more clients is admirable; but the reality is that you cannot want success for them more than they want it for themselves. Move on.”

Let me one more ‘truth’ when it comes to investing in opportunities.

Remember this when talking to prospective clients, but I also encourage you to be honest with yourself think about this the next time you’re alone with your thoughts about your own business.

If you can’t afford the opportunity, then what you’re currently doing in your business is not working.

Yes, it sounds harsh, but it’s true.

Do you as an entrepreneur want success more than anyone else wants it for you?

Are YOU really HUNGRY?

Think about it.

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