When entrepreneurs heard Jim Palmer on the Entrepreneur on Fire program talking about the Magic of adding value to your business, they wondered how it works for businesses. Your enterprise must always work on drawing more clients and delivering greater value. This means that though they are attracted to your super products, there is more that will convert them to raving fans.

Think of an air conditioner company that sells Air Conditioning equipment to clients in a specific market niche. Such a firm can sell the best air conditioning and commit to servicing them severally within a year. This will demonstrate that the business is very committed to clients and can go to great lengths to win their loyalty.

Adding value does not have to be super expensive. It all narrows down to the way the products are framed. For example, a company working on its Pinterest platform can be accessible to everybody. However, those who are members can get special interest. Your brand will become an attraction because clients want to get more. Now, think of replicating this value addition to all platforms and the impact will very big.