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From The Desk Of:
Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Dear Friend,

As someone that has created my Dream Business, and now gets to live my Dream Lifestyle every day, my goal is to help as many other entrepreneurs as I can, like you, grow YOUR Dream Business so you too can live YOUR Dream Lifestyle.

Before you become aware of your own reasons for wanting to act today, it’s not important to recognize that this is the process of concluding that you are making a great decision.

To set the frame for our conversation, let’s start with a simple question:

What's The Biggest Thing Stopping You, Slowing You Down, Or Getting In The Way Of You Having The "Dream Business" You've Been Working So Hard For?

wrong-wayCould it be, not having the right offer for the market you want to serve? Possibly - but that can be solved rather quickly.

Or perhaps, not having enough revenue to fund your business growth? Welcome to the club known as "Every Entrepreneur, Ever" - and as you keep reading, I'll show you how we fix that.

How about, needing to do more joint ventures?  Nah – I mean, I’m a fan of joint ventures, and I do them myself, but I wouldn’t say this is the fastest way.

I think we all know the answer to this one:

You Totally Get The "Why" - But Very Few Online Courses Really Take You By The Hand And Walk You Through The "How!"

My clients, fans, followers, and listeners to my world-famous "Stick Like Glue Radio" podcast have told me tales of woe.

They've spent hundreds - even thousands - on training courses for entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and coaches.

So far, all they have to show for it is a heck of a lot of the "why" and the "what".

Hey, that's great; but they didn't make that investment so they'd still have to spend hours posting in discussion groups, scouring Google, and trying to strong-arm people into "meeting for coffee" - all in search of the "how".

Again: What Good Is It To Understand The Importance Of Success, Until You Find Out HOW To Solve The Puzzle And Complete The Picture?

It doesn’t matter, not now, that you’ve thrown thousands and thousands of dollars at "push button" traffic, without having systems in place to MONETIZE those website visitors once they arrive.

Nor is it important that you may have chased a few Bright Shiny Objects and gotten "success blindness" as your (temporary) "reward".

Listen: even though you have many years of education and years as an entrepreneur under your belt, chances are good your current strategy is not putting you ahead of your competition or bringing in fresh clients and revenues, at least not the way you’d like it to be.

But then again, who else has been showing you how to

  • Triple your average Lifetime Value Of A Customer (LVC) by using the same system I used that has gotten members of my famous No-Hassle Newsletters program to stay three times as long
  • Create a large, responsive audience using podcasting, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, and more
  • Attract the right clients for your business, keeping them longer, keeping them engaged, getting them to refer their best colleagues, and retaining them longer
  • "Sell from the stage" like a pro (and get results like a 71% close rate from the platform)
  • Launch and grow a powerful, lucrative coaching program from the comfort of your own home
  • And much, much more!

Chances are, these are some of the top challenges you've been working to solve for way too long now.

It's time for a change.

That’s Why I Invite You To Join Me And Claim Your Access To Your "Ultimate Dream Business Home Study Course" Today!

Now, let's explore together, how to unleash the power of positioning, Dream Business Mastery, retention and referrals to explode your profits.

Here's what awaits you, as soon as you claim your instant access now:

Ultimate Dream Business Mastery Course #1:
Double My Retention: The C.P.R. Client Retention Strategy
(Value: $197)

DMR3dBundle300Double My Retention is an amazing program for any business owner that has customer, clients, and patients and wants to keep them longer! Using my exclusive “C.P.R. Client Retention Strategy” my average client retention has more than doubled, from six months to over 15 months! In addition, my average client revenues have increased $1164, per client! The strategy detailed in this step-by-step guide is pure gold!

Double My Retention works amazingly well in my business and it will boost your customer retention and profits as well. In fact, I guarantee your results!

Claim Your Instant Access Now!

Ultimate Dream Business Mastery Course #2:
My Famous "Summer Business School" Program
(Value: $197)

2012SummerBizSchool300An elite, hand-picked cadre of entrepreneurs and small business owners paid $997 each to be part of this unique and valuable training program.

In just a few weeks, I totally spilled my guts - personally sharing these powerful (and timeless) marketing and business building programs:

  • How to build a large, responsive, and profitable e-mail list
  • The different types of business income and which one you most want
  • The power of Thinking Big – while profiting from strategically small groups
  • How to build a big, profitable client base using social media marketing
  • Explode your sales and profits using "risk reversal"
  • Magnetically attract tons of clients by positioning yourself as a celebrity expert
  • Using "massive-action style" to get more done and grow your business
  • How to Let Go so you can start living the lifestyle you want
Claim Your Instant Access Now!

Ultimate Dream Business Mastery Course #3:
The Magnetic Attraction & Retention System (MARS)
(Value $297)

If you’re tired of investing countless hours and thousands of dollars only to watch your best clients slip through your fingers, just imagine how stress-free your business will be when your most profitable customers, clients and patients stay five times longer, spend 10 times more, and constantly refer you a boatload of new business!

The Magnetic Attraction and Retention System – Nine Stealth Strategies Guaranteed to Rapidly Increase Your Repeat and Referral Business – Even in a Recession was a 5 week training program created and co-taught by me and my good friend and superstar success coach, Melanie Benson Strick.

Join us on this galactic journey toward more repeat and referral business – we'll see you on “MARS!”

Claim Your Instant Access Now!

Ultimate Dream Business Mastery Course #4:
How To Sell From The Stage Like A Pro!
(Value: $197)

HTSFTS-3d300One of the bonus lessons included in the above “Summer Business School” program was my step-by-step process for closing more sales from the stage, with confidence.

Hands-down, my attendees said this alone was worth their entire $997 investment!   So I updated this module, added even more study material, and released it with much success at the end of 2013.

After you download the stepwise action plan and take the course, you’ll watch a video of me selling from the stage, with notes showing you exactly when I use the techniques taught in the course.

Claim Your Instant Access Now!

Ultimate Dream Business Mastery Course #5:
"How to Create Your Dream Business" - A TIMELESS Classic!
(Value: $97)

This is a LEGENDARY training in the Dream Business Community!

In the midst of all the "best year ever" hoopla that runs wild around this time every year, I sat down with top Dream Business Owners like you and talked sense.

Forget the cliches. Forget the rah-rah-rah. What I revealed was a plan, with specifics, you can implement right now, including:

  • Three "success-killer" phrases you must immediately abolish from your vocabulary (hint: you're telling yourself NO every time you say or write them)
  • 9 easy ways to position and brand your business (start doing any 3 of these right away, and you'll see HUGE and FAST results)
  • 6 Power Mindsets - these fuel your success and separate Dream Business owners from the other 99% of entrepreneurs and business owners out there
  • And much, much more in this action-packed hour - including the steps you can take now to ensure your Dream Business!
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Ultimate Dream Business Mastery Course #6:
Outsourcing and Team Building
(Value: $97)

My average team member has been with me for 5.5 years.  Even better, one has been with me since 2006, and two others have been here since 2009!

(How many folks in your organization have been living, breathing profit centers helping you grow your business for THAT long?!)

In this short, action-packed video, I’ll reveal the killer strategy that gets everyone on your team feeding you great business building ideas on a regular basis!

What's even more awesome? Right beneath the video, you will see a link to download the exact language and application we used to recruit a new Client Support Account Representative. Use it as a "swipe file" and adapt it into your own!

Claim Your Instant Access Now!

Ultimate Dream Business Mastery Course #7:
Instant-Download (PDF) Copies Of All Of My Profit-Boosting Books
(Value: $50)

You will immediately enjoy, in a convenient PDF format you can enjoy on any device, all of my Success Advantage books:

  • The Fastest Way To Higher Profits
  • Stick Like Glue
  • The Magic Of Newsletter Marketing
  • It’s Okay To Be Scared, But Never Give Up! (with Martin Howey)
  • Stop Waiting For It To Get Easier: Creare Your DREAM BUSINESS Now!
  • DECIDE – The Ultimate Success Trigger (Second Edition)
  • Just Say Yes: Create a Dream Business and Live Your Dream Lifestyle
Claim Your Instant Access Now!

Ultimate Dream Business Mastery Course #8:
Complete Audiobook, Including NEW Bonus Chapters of
Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger
(Value: $17)

The moment I mentioned I was working on my sixth book, smart entrepreneurs and business owners lit up the phone lines, so to speak.

They said, while my paperback books are awesome, fun to explore, and easy to read, they would love if, for the sixth book, if I could create an "audiobook" version.

Great news for you: your wish is my command!

I've also included two brand-new BONUS chapters:

  • The Power Of Celebrity
  • The Power Of Mastermind
Claim Your Instant Access Now!

Ultimate Dream Business Mastery Course #9:
Complete Audiobook of Just Say Yes!
(Value: $17)

My Dream Lifestyle is living on a boat. Sometimes, when I'm steering to the next destination on our journey, I love to listen to a great audiobook.

It makes sense, therefore, to include the audio version of Just Say Yes! with your investment in the Ultimate Dream Business Home Study Course.

Get inspired by the stories of those who blazed the trail for you, follow in their footsteps, create a Dream Business, and live your Dream Lifestyle!

Claim Your Instant Access Now!

Already, that's a total value of $1,166.

As I'll reveal in just a moment, your total investment will be less than HALF that - for "exactly-how-to" business strategies and tactics you can master TODAY from the comfort of your home, office, or home office.

The only thing I can really say is,

If Someone Showed Me An Awesome Deal Like That, I'd RUSH To The Checkout! (Before They Doubled The Price Or Took Down The Webpage)

As you discover yourself getting more excited about what I’ve shown you so far, it’s not necessary to find yourself growing truly eager to take the next step now.

I still need to pile on some bonuses.

(What Is ONE HOUR Of Your Time Worth To You?)

While you find out about all of the additional business value ready for you, if you wanted to take the time to find all of these items on my various websites, it would take you well over an hour to read all the web pages and make all the separate transactions.

You’ll see that, if purchased separately, they would run you at least $1,488. (And NONE of these are available for sale anywhere on my websites.)

How worth it will you find it to know that I am simply including these, yours today at ZERO additional cost to either your wallet or time!

Fast-Action Bonus #1:
"How To Start A Lucrative Coaching Program"
(Value: $497)

Bar none, the greatest way to create a leveraged Dream Business, and transform the greatest number of businesses and lives in your community, is to launch and grow your very own coaching program.

In this 82-minute video, seen only by a small group of people at a recent live event in Las Vegas, I throw back the curtains and show you, based on my own experience launching the wildly popular Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching program, how to:

  • Quickly recruit your first group of coaching clients from your existing customer base
  • Determine what they need help with – this means people will join, and keep renewing year after year
  • Get your program launched fast – even if you don’t have a huge list
  • Start serving people FAST, without worrying about advanced technology first (this is the "no webmaster required" part)
  • Inspire your mastermind members to support one another’s goals
  • Manage your group coaching calls from "behind the scenes" to guarantee a "knockout" call – every single time (I'll show you MY view when I host a call)
  • And much, much more!
Claim Your Instant Access Now!

Fast-Action Bonus #2:
"How to Write a Killer Auto Responder Series"
(Value: $297)

Someone visits your website or your landing page, preferably your landing page. They opt-in to get free information and then they start receiving automated emails.

All well and good, but then:

  • What do you say in these e-mails that will convert your prospect into your loyal customer-for-life?
  • How do you incorporate emotional triggers and persuasive language to get your e-mails opened, read, and clicked-through?
  • How many e-mails do you send? How often? What's the end goal?

This module (complete with transcript, so you get the coaching I provided during this presentation as a "swipe file" for YOUR business) will quickly demystify this process and get you communicating effectively with your subscribers much faster!

Claim Your Instant Access Now!

Fast-Action Bonus #3:
"How to Do A Kick-Butt Launch"
(Value: $397)

In this fast-paced presentation, my very own Dream Business Marketing Sensei Adam Hommey shares actual behind-the-scenes details of my recent book launch (including where you can see actual webpages and swipe files) for DECIDE – The Ultimate Success Trigger...

...as well as several case studies and examples from other launches!

This presentation is a crowd favorite at every Dream Business Academy, and when you see and hear Adam's unique style of teaching, you'll understand why - and gain a lot for your own business too!

Claim Your Instant Access Now!

Fast-Action Bonus #4:
"How to Rock the Podcast from Both Sides of The Mic"
(Value: $297)

Jessica Rhodes, founder of Interview Connections (and my own booking agent!) reveals the secrets of using podcasting to spread your message and build your platform! In this powerful video, you will discover:

  • How to persuade industry and thought leaders to appear on your podcast, and host you on their podcast - that is, to rock both sides of the mic
  • The steps to positioning yourself as an AWESOME interview guest who is super easy - and FUN - to work with
  • Top strategies for getting clients and monetizing your brand and business by being a guest expert and a podcast host
Claim Your Instant Access Now!

Ok: by now, you may be finding yourself asking aloud:

What's The Investment For This Ultimate Dream Business Home Study Course, And How Do I Claim My Instant Online Access Now?

This training would fall off the shelves at $1,997 or more. That’s what my "VIP" level mastermind members pay me each and every month for my live coaching.

It could even go as high as $3,034 - that's the total list value of all the modules and bonuses included in this course, if purchased separately (and many of them are not available ANYWHERE else!)

However, when you claim your course today, you will unlock your immediate, 100% online instant access for just $497 - and if you need to spread the payments out for budget reasons there is an option for you to do that, too.

All you have to do to get started is click the button below...

Claim Your Instant Access Now!

You’ll look back in a year (maybe even in a month) and say to yourself, "Self, that was the best decision I ever made!"

To Your Success,


Jim Palmer
Your Dream Business Coach

P.S. Some of my colleagues have told me outright they think I'm crazy for doing this – and they’re probably right.  I may be giddy with excitement because I sold my house and am living full-time on my boat!

So act now before my lake-water craziness subsides and things return to normal 🙂

Claim Your Instant Access Now!

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