A very simple way to get higher price points for your information-product offerings is to install upsell pricing that front-loads your price and back-loads your value.

It’s funny, you know – but it works.

And it leads to more sales in the first place, as I’ll explain toward the bottom.

Consumer behavior studies show that, all things being equal, once you get that first “yes”, the second “yes” comes easily and quickly.

I discovered this upsell pricing strategy for myself over a decade ago.

Back in, I think, 2007, I launched an e-book called “Newsletter Secrets Revealed” as the “handshake” for my No Hassle Newsletters business.

Like most e-books at the time, it came with a master PDF and 9 additional “bonus” downloads.

The original plan was to sell the whole thing for $97.

Then, we ran a test.

We took four of the bonuses out of the primary offer and repositioned them as the “Platinum” version.

The basic e-book was repriced at $79, and then the Platinum upgrade was just $18 more using upsell pricing, to reach the original $97 price point.

Not only did our sales go up about 20%, but over 85% of our purchasers opted for the Platinum version.

Altogether, that meant more people now in my entry-level customer base who were now statistically more likely to invest in my Done-For-You solution.

We don’t sell this anymore, and I don’t even own the domain, but you can see the text of the offer on the Wayback Machine – main offer and Platinum Upgrade as the Upsell Pricing.

The same Upsell Pricing works for us today.

When you claim your instant access now to the Cashflow Conversation Code, you’ll get my five scripts, two trainings, and the worksheet for $47.

You can get it for about the cost of dinner for three (especially these days – yikes!) and be using it in, like, an hour from right this moment.

It looks like a lot of value – and it is.

At point of purchase, there’s a little toggle switch.

Flip it, and for just $37 more you also get my training on how to create irresistible offers – after all, when you’re having these conversations, you want the people you’re speaking with to just say yes – yes?

It doesn’t even require a separate webpage – this is the entire upsell, embedded within the order form:

We’re at 89% upsell conversion as of this writing.


Here’s the real kicker:

Upsell Pricing enables you to gain purchasers you might otherwise lose.

Both of them together at $84 is a lot (of data, not money), and it’s assuming that every prospect needs the whole enchilada.

So if I say you have to take the Irresistible Offer course, too, along with the scripts, I turn away almost every prospect who says “I already have a good offer. I just need something I can use to start more conversations and close people faster”.

Then, I also miss the chance for them to come back to me for high-level help, should they realize their offers could use improvement after seeing their conversion ratios using the scripts.

And, again, the more purchasers you create in the first place, the more high-ticket customers you create in the second place.

Do you deserve $37 more when you’re offering truly premium content?

Money likes speed, and money likes to circulate.

Want more to circulate into your account?

Get with me and let’s create some great upsell pricing, perhaps on your current (soon to be improved) offers!

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. He is also the founder of Success Advantage Publishing.

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