Several years ago, I heard something that brought clarity, and a new drive in my desire to create a Dream Business that would make it possible to live my Dream Lifestyle.

At the time, I was growing, starting multiple businesses.

I was taking what I thought were bold steps, while at the same time, feeling guilty and at blame for why I wasn’t further ahead.

You see, for the past several years, while seemingly being in action and taking what in my head were “big steps” – I knew in my heart of hearts that I was dragging my feet and not stepping up to play the bigger game that I knew was possible.

The reasons don’t matter, but you can bet they were based in fear, imposter syndrome, bad money mindset, and my incredible desire for a quick win, which translates into me being cheap and hoping that a tiny investment in my business would immediately pay huge dividends.

In hindsight, I was incredibly stuck on moving forward due to past bad decisions and lost opportunities to grow that were 100% my responsibility.

Sound familiar?

Want to know the expression I heard that began the shifted everything for me?

I was (and still am) a huge consumer of business and success-oriented content.

One day I was watching a video about growing old (no comment!) and the regret so many people face at the end of their life.

As I watched the video, I remember saying to myself in a wise-ass tone, “yeah, and some people don’t wait until the end to experience regret!”

I then heard the words that hit me like a ton of bricks.

The narrator of the video said,

“Do not live a life of regret. You can’t change the past, but beginning today, you can create a brand-new future.”

This expression brought me clarity and a new perspective.

I suddenly felt empowered to take perhaps the biggest step I’ve taken since starting my first business – I forgave myself for the big bag of crap called guilt that was infecting every decision I made about my business.

From that day forward, I began creating my new brand-new future.

I began writing books.

I began speaking to marketing groups around the country.

I started coaching other entrepreneurs.

I even began putting on my own live 3-day seminars called Dream Business Academy.

All of these things were monumental decisions that required unimaginable courage and honestly, they required me to invest a lot of money in the future business I wanted to have, with no real guarantee that it would in fact produce a return.

There are many reasons why some businesses do much better than others.

If you think you have a good brand, great marketing, and desire for success out the wazoo, perhaps what is holding you back is guilt, imposter syndrome, being cheap, and whatever else you are holding onto because, it is your past – it’s what got you this far.

I strongly urge you forgive yourself, and say out loud,

“I do not want to live a life of regret. And while I can’t change the past, beginning today, I can create a brand-new future.”

You are playing on the main stage right now, and sooner or later the curtain will come down.

This is your time.

Play big or go home.

No regrets.

Reach out if I can help you with this.

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. He is also the founder of Success Advantage Publishing.

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