What the Top 1% are Doing to Create Success

What the Top 1% are Doing to Create Success

I always say that success leaves tracks, so what can we learn by observing the habits of the top 1% of entrepreneurs?  What is it that they are doing on a consistent basis that separates them from all the rest?

What are the qualities they embody that enable them to build their Dream Businesses, while others are just sucking wind and not getting by?

If you’re ready to learn, and more importantly, ready to take action, let’s explore what the top 1% are doing to climb above the masses and enjoy success.

They Have a Mindset of Confidence

They Have a Mindset of Confidence

The top 1% have decided that nothing, and no one, will stop them.  There’s simply going to be nothing that gets in their way.

Have you ever met a very successful person and witnessed the confidence they exude?  That is a reason they are where they are folks.

You need to totally believe, in your heart, mind and soul, and with every fibre of your being that the solution you offer, your product or service, is of utmost value and it can and will help people.

This unwavering belief is going to give you confidence, and confidence will breed success.

They Take Action.  Now.

The top 1% are also impatient.  They are not people who say, “Ahh maybe I’ll put a post on my blog two weeks from now,” or “I’m going to do my book next year.”

No way!  They’re going to do their book next month.  They’re starting their video production today.

They know time is always ticking away, and they know that taking action is the key to moving forward.

So, whatever you want your dream business to look like, you’re going to have to go after it full bore.  If you go slow and just go through the motions, hoping, wishing and praying that you win the lottery ticket to a successful business, then you will be doing the very same thing years down the road.

It’s About Results

The top 1% care much less about ego than they do about results.

So when you surround yourself with smart people, and you get in mastermind groups, or you have a team that supports you, it’s not about whose idea it was, or who’s in charge, it’s about moving your business forward.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my community of mentors and coaches.  They helped me get where I wanted to go faster than I would have on my own!

And that’s what is important.

They Invest in Themselves

Those top dogs understand the value of investing in themselves.  They invest and work with a coach, they go to live events, and they never stop learning.

Their appetite for knowledge is simply insatiable.

They Accept and Take Risks

They Accept and Take Risks

They’re comfortable making decisions and taking risks.  You created risk the minute you started your business, whether you know it or not.

So, the degree to which you’ll grow your business is very often the degree to which you are willing to assume risk.

Are you willing to put yourself out there?

How about personal risk….are you willing to invest in yourself?

And financial risk?

They’re all tied together and the top 1% know this.

The Secret of Momentum

There’s one more important thing that the top 1% understand, and that is the value and benefit in building momentum.

They know momentum is hard to get going, but when get it does, it’s like the snowball going down the hill.

So they nurture their momentum and stay consistent.

If you’re indecisive or unwilling to invest, it’s as if you put the brakes on, or you start dragging your anchor.

That’s a literal drag on your success and the growth of your business.

Maybe, or I’ll think about it leads to slow-to-no growth.

Are you waiting for things to get easier?  Time is running out and you can’t get it back, so learn to be comfortable making decisions and keep your foot on the gas.

Get to the Top!

There you have it, some of the important qualities and traits that those in the top 1% embody.

Are you ready to build your Dream Business, and climb the success ladder?

You know what to do.

Start absorbing all the material I’ve made available to you and start investing in yourself.

I’m here to guide you along, so come get in touch at GetJimPalmer.com

Until next time,

To your success!


Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

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