Since 2009 when Jim Palmer started the journey to helping entrepreneurs start their dream businesses, he has moved from one level to another. Palmer’s journey with his entrepreneurial ventures and efforts to helping entrepreneurs create dream businesses are magical. The efforts demonstrate that you cannot simply wait for the big bang. There is no right time to get off! When it is good, it is good enough to go.

Starting with just a common camera and doing long videos of up to 9 minutes, Palmer realized that he was losing the market. People did not have all the 9 minutes to watch a video. He had to change to shorter, easy to understand, direct, and more valuable videos. Your venture, in the same manner, must set off and keep looking for areas to change and reinvent. Take time to work on value addition, and client base will keep growing over time.

What you require is consistency to create raving fans that will be there for business all the seasons. Make sure to use multiple channels that Jim recommended including podcasts, content, blogs, social media, and videos among others.