When you decide to become an entrepreneur, it is important to get prepared for everything that lay ahead. To put it differently, your venture will only be successful if you understand and handle various seasons correctly. There are seasons of increase, planting seeds, hard work, and seasons of struggle.

Many people look at their ventures and remember the input they had to put at the beginning. You keep wondering where to get clients, how to tell them, and how retaining them in the business? You must plant the seeds, tend them, and nurture the plant (business) to keep drawing clients and sustain the entrepreneurial venture.

Even as the season of increase arrives, you must understand that another season is around the corner. All efforts must be trained to helping the business wither the next season. Be it a season of hardwork or struggle, the business must have the resources, knowledge, and passionate staff to move on. It is how you navigate through every season that will define your success or failure in the market.