I recently watched a clip of a conversation Howard Stern and Jerry Seinfeld were having—two incredible comedians, no doubt! And one of them said something really important regarding the variety of platforms their content goes up on: you have to meet people where they are because different platforms appeal to different people.

That’s so true! And it’s easily applicable to your dream business. After all, dominating the conversation is the best way to expand your audience and allow you to reach the most people possible.

For example: one of my biggest tips to people building a dream business and to help them dominate the conversation is to write a book. When you write that book, you’re going to want to have not only a paperback version but also a Kindle version and an audiobook, too.

This is one way you dominate the conversation and meet people where they’re at—because each platform will appeal to a certain kind of person, and you don’t want to exclude anyone!