You know I don’t get into politics or trends – I have a hard and fast rule that serves me well.

Believe me, people have tried to get me to take public positions on this and that, or suck me into talk about politics and news and stuff.

Up until now, I just haven’t done it.

But I cannot stay silent any longer.

Listen: we’ve got a lot of people freaking out right now over this Coronavirus.

Facts are facts; it’s happening.

Just turn on the news or scan your Facebook news feed for a quick dose of enough gloom, doom, and defeatist talk to last all year long.

(Hey, Stephanie and I are just glad we have a policy of keeping a 3-month supply of TP on the boat!)


Just recently, in the midst of all this…

A Friend Of Mine Threw Down The Gauntlet

I shared with him about how, for the past few years since I moved onto the boat, I have not had the same desire to create annual plans for new programs and marketing.

And with all this gloom and doom over Coronavirus, there is a lot of concern as entrepreneurs begin shifting their business models to get ahead of the possibility their customers may change their entire lifestyles – even should this (hopefully) turn out to be more hype than substance.

(Again, I’m not debating which it is, just saying there are different points of view out there.)

I told him I know it’s time, but  – proving EVERYONE needs a coach from time to time – need to do everything in my power to deliver useful strategies that REALLY WORK for you.

With All The Worry Going Around, There Is No Better Time To Take A Stand For Your Success, Than Right Now!

OK – I got it.

But he wasn’t done.

He paused for a moment.

Then he laid into me with that same “tough love” my Mastermind members love so much, they sign up for Profit Seats just to experience it.

He said, “Jim, you’ve not only mastered the ‘client attraction’ strategy as well as customer retention, but you also dramatically grew your business a few years ago when many other entrepreneurs were struggling – and your business seems impervious to any panics or breaking news.

He reminded me that four of MY keys to success have been:

  • Building my No Hassle Newsletters business to serve hundreds of customers in 9 countries, almost entirely by speaking from stages as well as on webinars
  • Designing and launching the Dream Business Mastermind & Coaching Program, which over just the past few years has created several well-known brands and changed people’s lives
  • Bringing entrepreneurs from $0 to FIVE FIGURES in just a couple months by not only designing their irresistible offers, but giving them the exact sales-conversation scripts that get them paying clients FAST
  • Pioneering 21st-century customer service and retention systems that keep customers longer and generate better referrals

Hey, sometimes we all need to look in the mirror.

That includes me.

I’m a regular person, just like you!

I coach my clients to do this every time they feel “stuck” or anything less than 100% certain what their next move should be.

I have a gift for doing this.

Anyway, having reminded me of all that, he challenged me to take my own medicine – to STOP WAITING – and put the pedal to the metal!


After thinking about it for a few days, I cobbled together some thoughts about

A Fresh, Different, And Unique Approach To Dream Business Teaching

Not pitch-fests – heaven knows, we’re all burned out on those!

Not some thinly disguised 2-day sales pitch masquerading as an “event” or “program” to fill the mastermind.

Not a fluffy “rah-rah” program – again, who has time for THAT when we have businesses to run and need ACTIONABLE tactics and strategies that REALLY WORK!


Enough of that B.S.

I am now 100% dedicated to creating a new mecca of knowledge that will cause a shift in the entire marketplace.

I will pull back the curtain and share not only what I know about growing Dream Businesses, but also how I do it.

I want YOU to be in the front row, for all of it.

Now, Let’s Team Up – You And Me – To Create This “New Breed” Of Dream Business Education!

Let’s make this happen – together.

That’s MY statement on Coronavirus – getting you and me focused on securing YOUR Dream Business so no matter what happens with the economy, the election, or anything, YOU WILL PROSPER.

It’s time.

Stay with me, there is so much more to come.

One Response to “Breaking My Silence on the Coronavirus”

  1. Rob Anspach

    Thank you…yes it needed to be said. People are freaking out over this. What they fail to understand is people die everyday…they die in auto accidents (yet they still get in their cars), they die from obesity (cant stop them from eating), they die of smoking (they aren’t giving their cigarettes up), they die of STD’s (should I even clarify this one)…yet here they are panicking over a virus that has the same symptoms as the common cold. Oh, Chicken Little would be proud. But sadly, they are killing the tourism industry, fearing for their lives and escaping into their homes. So stupid.

    May the true entrepreneurs who don’t let fear run them…make all the opportunities and the money.


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