Stop focusing on two things to grow the business bigger and faster. The goal of every entrepreneur or business manager is taking the business to the highest possible level. Reaching that coveted multinational status will, however, only be possible if you stop focusing on small things. Just like you have a dream of hitting a million dollar mark in sales, so should be your focus.

Well, focusing on big things could take longer, demand more resources, and even appear scaring. However, everybody was made for big things and achieving them demands conquering fear. Many of the big businesses did not start that big. However, the owners dared to dream big and stay focused.

Focusing on big things creates the necessary momentum for business. Well, the success you got in the last quarter of the year should be celebrated, yes, but only for a short while. By focusing on bigger things, it becomes possible to map targets and use current success as leverage. Your business will work like a vehicle in motion racing fast towards the great mission.