I’m going to share a big “A-HA” with you on why working with a coach is so valuable, but first, some important – and highly educational background!

I have a coaching client who uses podcasts and webinars to showcase his skill multi-purposing content and courses to build successful businesses.

I once had this client on a live edition of Dream Business Radio and after the interview, I told him that I was blown away with not only his knowledge, but how well he ‘demonstrated’ the “how” and more importantly, the “why” it matters to business owners seeking growth.

Also – I also immediately hired him to do some of his good work for my business!

On one of our coaching calls, I said,

“You know, “demonstration” is the most effective sales strategy – after all, seeing is believing! And I’d be willing to bet that just like I loved what you showed me, others would also like it and instead of trying to do it for themselves, they too would rather just hire you to do it for them!”

That conversation was a lightbulb moment that turned into a whole new marketing focus for my client.

He told me he would start doing his own live demonstrations once a week, and we both felt that since the ‘end result’ of the “interview/demonstration” format was an actual product, we could charge entrepreneurs to be guests on the show!

Charge to be a guest on a podcast?

Sure, why not, the value is there!

Within a month, my client told me that he was now booked out 3 months in advance with paid guests!

He asked me, what should I do?

I said, “move your show to twice a week, three months is too long to wait!”

Less than a month later my client was booking 3 live shows a week with his “guests” paying $97 to be on his show.

Things were rolling along beautifully for several months until two weeks ago and my client said that he only had 3 more live shows on the calendar.

It seems that he may have squeezed the last drop of juice from his current email list.

Or did he?

Stand by for the big lesson, as if what I already shared with you wasn’t big enough!

We jumped on a coaching call and ten minutes later we devised a two-prong strategy to refill his pipeline.

The most urgent one worked beautifully.

That is the big lesson (one of them!) I am sharing with you today.

You see, it turns out that while doing over 50 interviews for $97 each is not too shabby, I was correct in my assessment – there were in fact more entrepreneurs like me who at the end of the interview said, “That all looks great, but please do this for me!”

You see, filling the pipeline had immense value to my client, far beyond the $97 interview fee!

Can you say “kaching?!”

So, when my client said he has exhausted his email list for new live interviews, my reply was this: “You only think that because you are too close to the situation, and you’re only looking ‘outward’ for NEW potential clients.”

I then said, “Look, next week is Valentine’s Day. “I want you to look ‘inward’ and spread some love” to your current customers and membership community – people who already know like and trust you and in most cases are currently paying you.”

And instead of a dozen roses, I told him to offer free interviews to his hit show to the first dozen people to reply.

With one email, my client had 12 more shows booked in less than an hour and as of a week ago, his show is booked through April!

One of the many reasons it pays to invest with an experienced business coach is that as entrepreneurs, we are often ‘too close’ to our own business to see the opportunity, and also the creative solution is right in front of your face!

If you could benefit from this kind of creativity and great coaching to grow your Dream Business, then connect with me at https://www.DreamBizCoaching.com.

And if you’re the type to feel squeamish about investing in your business, remember this, it’s only an expense if it fails to produce a return on the investment!

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Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

Cap’t Jim Palmer, best known internationally as the Dream Business Coach, is creator of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program and host of Dream Business Radio – a weekly podcast based on Jim’s smart marketing and dream business building strategies. He is also the founder of Success Advantage Publishing.

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