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Company newsletters are one way of advertising your company to the public, as well as letting your clients know what’s hot in the company right now. An excellent newsletter should contain specific newsletter portions, and if you are planning to create a newsletter for your company, make sure it has the important portions as listed below.

Paper format

You can choose from A3, A4 and A5 paper sizes, for these are the most popular choices when it comes to newsletters. If you are printing tons of articles, you may want to consider A3; A4, on the other hand, is the most practical size when it comes to mailing and placing on pigeon holes. If you’re doing marketing fliers, you may want to consider A5.


In order for people to recognize your company newsletter instantly, you need to choose a creative, noticeable masthead. Make sure that the title you place on the masthead easily links your company to the name of your newsletter.


The font you use for your newsletter instantly informs the viewer of the publication’s tone. If you are aiming for a professional look, use the traditional serif fonts.

Pull Quotes

These are the quotations that you want the readers to view in order to have a gist of the article you’ve written. It is proven to be very effective, allowing your readers to tell what the paragraph or article is about and whether it concerns or interests them.

Good Photography

People are highly visual, and with the use of professional, eye-catching, creative photography, it’s a good way of drawing in clients and readers. It is also a good way to separate different articles by breaking up the page. Use a striking image on the front page of your newsletter – it is the bed way to attract potential readers and customers.


Color schemes set the tone of your newsletters. If you are after creativity and fun, use bright colors; if it is more of a serious type, you can use neutrals and dark colors.

Make sure you utilize these important parts of a newsletter to create an output that is cohesive and effective!

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