As a leader, everyone looks up to you for direction and instruction. In many cases, as a business person, you will be forced and required to lead your team to achieve some goals that you have set. As a leader, one rule you should always play by is never to say you can’t. Saying you can’t means that you have given up and your team will follow soot very soon. However, if you keep the positive attitude then the same flows over to the team making it a lot easier to continue marching forward towards your target.

Be confident

What you should do as a leader calm down; this is in spite of whatever other issues you may be facing underneath it all. Since there are people looking up to you, always maintain a calm face that will exude confidence and keep the team working towards the goal. If you have no idea, what to do in a situation, always think of something that will keep the group going while you come up with a better plan. The idea is to keep the team’s morale and performance top notch while you figure out the direction that you intend to go.

One of the things that you can use as a leader to keep the team going is to assign the team different roles that will keep them moving. Rallying the team by assigning them different roles meant to keep the team gelled, while you determine the next step.

Be positive and  never say you can’t

As a business leader, do not ever say you cannot. There is a popular saying that goes “if you can’t do it, simply yes and then hire someone to do it for you.” This is the motto that a leader should always have when facing a situation he cannot handle at the moment.

Be on top

There is always a point in life when everything turns on its head. In business, it is almost always worse since there will always be people who want to take you apart and capitalize on your downfall. This means that you must at all times be on top of your game. When you get to a point where you have no idea what to do, as a leader it is important that you always look calm and collected. The anecdote “calm like a duck above the water, while paddling hard underneath” comes to mind in this case. As a leader, you should always portray the confidence that you would like your team to see.

Even in cases where you have no idea what to do, always portray the image of a person in control and one who has the plan at hand. In fact, in some business coaching classes you are advised that you would rather say something to fill in the vacuum instead of saying you do not know or do not have an idea. Having a temporary plan is better than having no plan at all. Once again, never say you cannot if you expect to move towards your dream business.

Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

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