It is no longer news that many people seldom achieve their dreams, irrespective of how wonderful those dreams are. This failure boils down to two words “What If”. Every one of us plays the What-If game but we must know how to stop negative thoughts. Whenever we want to venture into something new and especially something that might be rewarding in the future, we ask ourselves, what if it goes wrong, what if I end up embarrassing my friends and family? What if I do not succeed in the end?

Asking yourself these questions and dwelling on the negative would only lead to failure and abandonment of your goals. So you should know how to stop negative thoughts and you should rather ask yourself “what if I succeed?”. When next you play the What-if game, ask yourself, what if I build an incredible business? What if I say yes and it actually happens? What if it works? This is one of the best ways to overcome fear and achieve success.