In business, you create a product or service that resolves a problem. This means that you will always aim towards making your customer’s experience as good as possible. Such kind of good customer experience often leads to better customer feedback and by extension referrals. Most businesses grow through referrals, relying on previous customer experiences to build better networks and grow their business database. However, it is very important that you do not put all your eggs in one basket. Customer referrals are a good way to grow your business; however, it is important to note that customers may not have the time to write you referrals.

Truth is you may give a client the best experience you ever will. The client himself may be very grateful for the part you played in sorting out his or her needs and may want to give you a referral that will help you grow your business. However, once they step out of the cocoon that you have created for them, life becomes a reality; a reality that each and every one of them has to deal with. Once they have stepped back into reality, the priorities of their lives change. They become people who look for the next best thing.

Taking advantage

As such, as a business you ought to know how to maximize your customer’s database to get as many referrals as possible. Of particular importance is timing; you need to be able to take advantage of the period when your clients are most willing to give you referrals and squeeze it dry. This is the period right after the client has had a beautiful experience, often referred to as the honey moon face. During the honey moon face, the client is more malleable to your suggestions and it is at this point that you can take advantage and ask for a referral or two.

You should also ensure that you reward the clients who refer clients to you in such a way that encourages more of them to refer more people. For instance, an internet company may choose to waive the subscription fees for a month for every referral that you bring on. With such encouragements, clients get the psyche to continue sending more clients your way. In this way you make your life and dream business a lot easier to manage and grow. In rewarding your most loyal customers and those who refer most clients to you, it is important that you think of creative ways to get them hooked. A hooked client will tend to do more to grow your business, often without any idea. It is the kind of satisfaction that this person feels as a result of relating to you and your business. Leveraging on this kind of sentimentality to receive referrals and grow your business should be part of your plan. Through referrals that your existing clients provide, a business can slowly build a following, even though this should not be your only strategy for customer acquisition.