A closer look at top enterprises reveals one thing; most of them were started during hardship times. Most people are pressed enough during times of economic hardship such that they craft very effective strategies. The bottom line for such businesses’ success is that entrepreneurs do not have a place to go back to. Therefore, they cut the rope and do not have any fallback plan.

By cutting the rope (not having a plan B) means two things;

Everything that the entrepreneur does is carefully thought about, and all efforts pooled to deliver the best results. From personal commitment to resources mobilization, there is no looking back. Every component of the business is aimed at delivering higher value to all clients.

Having cut the rope means that there is no going back. Therefore, if the venture fails, things are bound to be very hard. Naturally, the mind will engage a higher gear to defeat even severe obstacles. An entrepreneur may seek the help of a business coach and utilize technology to rush ahead of others.