Customer Retention Glue

Whenever I think of glue (and customer retention), I remember the television commercial showing a man holding his hard hat – which was glued to a steel beam high in the air.

Now that was strong glue!

From a marketing and customer retention perspective, it certainly got my attention!

In fact, based on this commercial, everyone wanted this glue.

What’s the best glue you’ve ever used?

When I ask that question, I hear a lot of different brand names, but they all have three things in common:

  • they stick,
  • they stick well, and
  • they fix what’s broken.

Does your favorite glue do these three things?

That’s why it’s your favorite – the one you always reach for when things need fixing.

Imagine getting your customers to stick with you, just like you used “customer retention glue”

Adapt the success mindset and business strategies that grow your Dream Business and fix whatever is broken in your business.

I have never seen or heard of a business that isn’t broken to some degree – some more than others.

For sure, all would be more profitable if their customers had more “stick”.

The stronger bonding power your “customer glue” has, the better!

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