Everybody wants to earn a lot of money and get rich. Getting a high income and spending as much as one wants equates to ‘living the dream’ for most people. We don’t want to spoil these dreams, but just to add some perspective to it. The bottom line is, having a high income doesn’t translate to being wealthy. Spending as much as you earn doesn’t amass any wealth. The only true way of being wealthy is by achieving financial independence.

The Millionaire Mindset:

Jim Palmer of the dream business coach talks about having the millionaire mindset. Many people, entrepreneurs, even very successful people have real issues with money. They never seem to be getting enough of it, or at times, managing it proves difficult. Jim shows that it doesn’t matter how much skill and talent you possess, if you don’t have the right mindset which traverses the success mindset, you can never achieve financial independence.

Jim agrees that money can solve a lot of problems. It can be used for noble causes such as helping the poor and the needy. It’s all wonderful. However, it’s a tragedy that most people who want to start a business, think it’s about the money.

Achieving Financial Independence:

If you have the heart to serve and to make a difference in the lives of poor people, the best way to do that is by not being one of them. This is what being financially independent means. Your aim should be first to create an amazing business for yourself and making a lot of money for yourself from your business. What happens after is purely in your own prerogative. If you’re going to give it all away or if you’re going to provide for your family in retirement, it’s all fine but focus on achieving financial independence. It’s what counts ultimately.