Stick Like Glue Radio #110 On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio I interview one of the leading experts in how to market and grow a podcast, so it will help to grow your business! Ben Krueger share a wealth of information in this powerful interview – don’t miss it!

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Using a Podcast to Grow a Small Business

In this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I speak with Ben Krueger who is the owner and founder of Authority Engine and creator of Small Business Podcasting. Ben is best known as the ‘podcast marketing guy’ and is the go-to authority on how to market, position, cultivate and grow small business through the power of podcast marketing. Ben has spoken also internationally from Las Vegas to Bangkok.

Main Questions Asked

  • Why does it make sense for small business owners to have a podcast?
  • How can a podcast help attract new clients?
  • How do you build an audience for your podcast?
  • How do people prepare to deliver good content on a weekly basis?
  • What is the next level of podcasting to start sounding like a pro?

Key Lessons Learned

  • Focus on how you can use podcast marketing to become an authority in your space.
  • Develop long term relationships with listeners so they eventually become paying customers.
  • Core approach is thinking about online. Ask yourself how you want to position yourself and your business to target customers.
  • In order for podcasting to be effective as a marketing tool, there should be an online component of the business first.
  • Brands are becoming ‘personality’ based which lends well to podcasting.
  • Podcasting is a long term positioning strategy not instant effect.
  • When you go live make sure you’re strategic about how you create and launch your show (what are your calls to action?).
  • Come up with 5 content categories that answers very specific questions your audience asks
  • To sound like a pro find other podcasters in your market and get interviewed on that show.
  • If you have expertise in your industry pitch to get on as a guest on other podcasts.

Benefits of Podcasting for Small Business

  • Podcasting builds ‘know, like and trust’ factors.
  • Podcasting gets you in front of a new audience (that you may not have been exposed to).
  • Podcasting will give people who know about you another way to connect with you.
  • If you can connect with guest experts on your podcast you get ‘power of association’.
  • Podcasting gives you a good reason to reach out to industry experts with something that benefits them. This will give you knowledge and build connections.

How to Build a Podcast Audience

  • 1. Go live with a launch strategy – run mini contests & giveaways.
  • 2. Think about other communities in your marketplace and reach out to leaders.
  • 3. Make sure to cross promote the podcast on your other platforms and any show guests.

Links to Resources Mentioned

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Thinking about starting a #podcast for your business? @BenWKrueger of Authority Engine tells you how!

Have a #podcast and want to build your audience? @BenWKrueger of Authority Engine reveals how!

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