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Stick Like Glue Radio #169 On this special episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I interview writing coach and editor of non-fiction books, Morgan MacDonald. Morgan shares some great tips on how to finally get your book done!! Don’t miss this important show!

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The book coach

Main Questions Asked:

  • Why does a small business owner want to write a book?
  • How does someone find time to write a book?
  • What are some of the ways you see would-be authors sabotage writing their book?
  • Do you suggest people ‘talk ‘ their book into either an automated voice transcription or have it transcribed?
  • What are practical strategies for authors about writing and getting it done?
  • What are your thoughts on the e-book revolution and the pricing structure?
  • How has writing a book affected your coaching and editing business?
  • If you could give just one single piece of advice to a would-be author, what would it be?

Key Lessons Learned:

Benefits of Writing A Book

  • A book sets you apart in the marketplace like nothing else will.
  • Writing a book will bring you more clarity in your business and help you define your expertise in your niche.
  • The words will resonate with people you want to serve in your business.
  • When consumers or clients are looking for speakers or experts, they will search for people who have written a book.


Finding Time to Write a Book

  • Every day you put off writing your book, your enthusiasm wanes.
  • There needs to be an internal mindset shift. You have to convince yourself that your book is worth writing.
  • Write out the ‘why’ statements and why the book is important, and distil it down into 3-5 sentences of how the book will change your life and the people who read it.
  • Writing a book doesn’t take a lot of time. Aim for 3,000-5,000 words a week, which is 3 hours (30 minutes a day)



  • Don’t self-edit as you go. Only look back to remember what you have written but don’t make changes.
  • Write out an outline of what you want to write and have a rough plan.


Talk to Transcribe

  • As a reader, you can tell as we talk differently to how we write. Even if the voice and style is similar, the grammar structure is not the same.
  • If you love to talk, get a recorder and talk your way through the book. Instead of having someone else transcribe it. Write your book based on what you were saying.


Practical Strategies

  • Use a timer and work your way up to 25 minutes. This will help focus and work with adrenaline as you are working against the clock.
  • Pomodoro is a style where tasks are done in 25-minute chunks.
  • Keep a log of the date, time, duration, and how many words you wrote.


The E-Book Revolution & Pricing

  • When it comes to e-books, the word ‘book’ is sometimes a stretch.
  • It used to be that the minimum order for a book was 2,500 copies (with hopes of selling 20,000), now it is possible to print on demand.
  • For your first book, set the price lower, even if it is a valuable book; you need an entry-level price for people who don’t know you.
  • $0.99-$2.99 is a reasonable price.

How Writing a Book Can Affect Your Business

  • Opens conversations and gives you something to point clients to.
  • If someone likes your blog, they can get the best advice through a book.
  • If you are featured in an article or a podcast, it is something the audience can easily consume in one spot.
  • A book is a great entry point into a business funnel.



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