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Stick Like Glue Radio #201

On this special episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I interview Jeff Hermann, a champion of B2B sales and marketing alignment. Jeff is also an expert in social selling and share many nuggets in this interview. Don’t miss this powerful show!

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Social Selling

Main Questions Asked:

  • What is social selling?
  • Is it more important to be a creator or curator?
  • Do you have any insight on where LinkedIn is going?
  • How can someone get started with video?


Key Lessons Learned:

  • Any person with passion, commitment, and an iPhone 6S can build a global audience.


Social Selling

  • This is the next evolution on how individuals, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and leaders can use the tools to scale relationships.
  • How can you use tolls to connect and have more relevant conversations?
  • Listen in the sense that you are observing and monitoring your prospect or customers’ social media.
  • At minimum, you should be checking out people’s LinkedIn profiles. Use this information to frame a more relevant approach.
  • Social selling is a fast track and dynamic space.


Why Social Selling

  • In the sales arena, there has been too much focus on volume metric prospecting models.
  • Social selling is about getting away from the volume metric approach and choosing more relevant language based on the buyer’s journey.


The Social Selling Maturity Curve

  1. Observer
  • You are monitoring and using the information to your advantage, but aren’t giving back or adding value.
  1. Participant
  • You are in a dialogue and can refer or help someone yourself.
  1. Curator
  • Choosing the best content of others and sharing it.
  1. Creator
  • Creating and sharing your own content.
  1. Building Authority
  • Building up trust and creditability, and people want to go to you.



  • Positioning itself as the place for business content.
  • This is a strong second tier social network and has great reach.
  • At a minimum, your prospects and customers have a profile.
  • The lack of a profile, or a slim profile, or a deep profile tells you something about that individual.
  • Jeff predicts that LinkedIn needs to get into video and will end up with native video on the site.


Scale Your Charisma

  • Authenticity matters, and the rapport is built a lot quicker by producing video content.
  • People want to know what you think, so the secret is to just get started.


Steps to Transform from a Sales Leader to a Thought Leader

  1. Just Get Started
  1. Goal setting
  • A content marketing mission statement is the goal.
  • Who is the target, what is delivered, what is the outcome for the audience?
  • Who is the avatar, and how will your content resonate with that individual?
  1. Build an Editorial Calendar
  • Choose a topic and become known for it.
  • It is human nature to get comfortable and come to expect it out of habit.
  1. Develop Content, Choose Your Assets and Channels
  • For example, the asset is video and the channel is YouTube.



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