Stick Like Glue Radio #163 On this special episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I interview the founder of Social Media Worldwide, Corinna Essa about all that is working and new in the ever-changing world of social media marketing. Don’t miss this show!

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On this special episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I interview the founder of Social Media Worldwide, Corinna Essa, about all that is working and new in the ever-changing world of social media marketing. Don’t miss this show!

Main Questions Asked:

  • Talk about starting your own company and helping people in social media.
  • Can you really profit using social media?
  • What social media platform is best to use if someone is just getting started?
  • What are the three biggest mistakes people make when they dive into social media?
  • How can someone get more followers or fans?
  • What is the best way to put together and implement a social media plan?
  • What are some of the new trends you’re seeing in social media?
  • What do you think about LinkedIn?
  • Do you have a formula for getting a post to go viral?


Key Lessons Learned:

Social Media

  • The ROI often comes from the sheer volume of people on social media.
  • Those who don’t experience ROI aren’t doing it the right way.
  • A direct marketing approach, whereby a company displays products like an online catalogue, is the wrong approach for social media.
  • People on social media don’t use the platform in order to buy something, so the mindset is not the same as when a user is on Amazon.
  • Social media allows people to sell products in a camouflaged way through stories.
  • Products, businesses, and services have great stories via their customers.
  • The best way to choose social media platforms is according to the target audience and the product
  • Social media is about joining or starting a conversation and nurturing leads in a non-salesy way. People go to social media to share opinions and participate.
  • Affiliate marketing on Twitter is promoting other people’s posts for commission.


Common Mistakes

  • Inconsistent updates - If people don’t see updates, they will assume that the company is inactive.
  • Inconsistency with branding and marketing messages.
  • Overselling and not customer nurturing and community building.
  • Not keeping business and personal social media accounts separate.


Getting Followers

  • Organic reach is about the quality of your post, what time you’re posting, and how relevant it is. Y
  • Competitions are a way to get more followers as long as the giveaway is perceived as a good value and they wouldn’t get it somewhere else.


Implementing a Social Media Plan

  • Implementation should be one of the channels but not all of the channels.
  • Establish your goal for social media channels. Is it direct sales, customer support, community, or garnering traffic to the site?
  • Set up a content plan. How often are you going to post, what are you going to post, and who will execute the content plan?



  • More social media platforms are starting out as being ad free.
  • A move toward e-commerce with more features, allowing users to buy direct from social media.
  • Video will be facilitated much more and given priority as reach increases.
  • More people giving away things for free and then charge more for their services.



  • LinkedIn is about the quality of the audience and not volume.
  • Adverts on LinkedIn can be pricey, but they perform well due to the quality of audience.
  • LinkedIn offers something that the other platforms don’t. It is, however, hard to get people to change how they think about you.


Going Viral

  • This is the same concept as public relations. A post has to be a funny or unique story.
  • People will like or comment on a post they agree on or enjoyed. For someone to share a post, it has to be something that they wished they had said themselves.
  • In order for a post to go viral, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the audience and ask yourself, “is this something they wish they would have said themselves?”
  • It has to be unique, original, and you have to be the first one to report.

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