Stick Like Glue Radio #116 On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio I interview book publishing expert Stacey Aaronson about how to publish your book! Don’t miss it!

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Self-Publishing Your Book

On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio I interview book-publishing expert Stacey Aaronson about how to publish your book! Don’t miss it!

Main Questions Asked

  • What are the biggest ways the traditional publishing model differ to the self-publishing model?
  • What are the biggest mistakes people make before they start writing?
  • Why do you think so many writers are overwhelmed?
  • What kind of budget should someone have for self-publishing?
  • Create Space is an amazing tool for print on demand, can you speak on print on demand services

Key Lessons Learned

Traditional publishing

  • Endorsement of a major house
  • Helps with media, magazine reviews and exposure
  • Publishing house pays for editing design, printing, and distribution


  • Often takes years for a manuscript to get published
  • Royalties are low e.g 6% paperback and 10% hardcover
  • The author has little say on design aspects and receive little marketing
  • There are no guarantees for future books being published


  • You have the timeframe to yourself
  • There is a lot of freedom of options
  • You have total control over design and marketing
  • You own the rights to your material
  • You can make your book available to sell online
  • The royalties are much larger 40-60%

- Possible lack of credibility associated with ‘self-publishing’

Pre-publishing Considerations

  • Think about how you are going to market your book
  • Marketing doesn’t come at the end it comes before you even start writing
  • Think about who your audience is and don’t just write the book for yourself
  • A book has to help, engage and be of value to the person reading it
  • Ask yourself: What is your reader’s intended outcome and goals of reading the book?
  • Market research is a huge part of meeting the needs of the reader and knowing what is out there so your book can stand out
  • Ask yourself: What is already out there and how can my book be different?
  • Thinking your book is for ’everyone’ is a big mistake
  • Always think about ‘meeting the needs’ of the reader
  • Believing you will write a book that readers will simply ‘find’ is a mistake

Self Publishing Costs

  • An average length 200 pages 6x9 or 5/12 x 8.5 $3K-6K which would include an editor, cover designer, layout artists, proof reading, e-book, publishing assistant
  • Editing is a huge non-negotiable investment and do NOT consider publishing without one
  • Cover art is a specific strategy and not something to skimp on
  • $4k-$5.5 is usually the sweet spot for publishing
  • Create Space is good for Amazon and is free (they are affiliated with Amazon and get higher royalties)
  • Book stores order from Ingram Spark but do not order from Create Space (print on demand)

Links to Resources Mentioned

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