Stick Like Glue Radio #182 On this special episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I interview one of the founders of Dom and Tom – a mobile app development shop, Tom Tancredi. Don’t miss this powerful show!

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Stick Like Glue Radio

On this special episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I interview one of the founders of Dom and Tom, a mobile app development shop, Tom Tancredi. Don’t miss this powerful show.

Main Questions Asked:

  • How did you get into Priceline?
  • What is a big tech opportunity that is a year or two out?
  • Why do you need physical offices since you work in a digital world?
  • Are developers more creative or engineer types?
  • What has been your most challenging app to date?
  • How do you get people to say yes?
  • Do companies build applications because they are trying to sell to their customers, or is it for internal use and stickiness?
  • How is building an app for a large organization different from building an app for a startup?
  • What lessons have you learned from an entrepreneurial perspective?

Key Lessons Learned:

Meet Dom and Tom

  • Dom is the computer science guru, CEO, and CTO.
  • Tom is the CFO and chief strategy officer.
  • The company ethos is ‘do good work, do what you say you are going to do, when you say you’re going to do it.’
  • They don’t try to sugarcoat the bad news, nor do they overpromise and under deliver.
  • Dom and Tom didn’t hire anyone to do marketing until Year 5 of the company.

The 24-Hour Development

  • Part of Dom and Tom’s goal is to complete a 24-hour development cycle.
  • This involves developing in time zones around the world to the point where you never stop building a product.
  • If you have a US team in both West and East coast time zones, Asia/Australia, and Europe, then you can pretty much have a 24-hour development cycle.

Creative Vs. Engineer Types

  • Art and science have melded in recent years, and you can’t get a good developer who doesn’t know about the design and schematics.


  • There hasn’t been a Holiday season since 2006 in which there hasn’t been a major credit card security breach.
  • Instead of app development getting easier as time goes on, it gets harder as more third party requirements come into play such as integration with Facebook and Google analytics.
  • The challenge in the next 5 years will be about boundaries, limits, and what we want and don’t have with regards to privacy and personal preference.

Do Good to Be Good

  • The motto of the company is that you have to do it to be it.
  • Dom and Tom only work with startups that are doing good in the world.
  • The Simple Life is an app that will put money back in the pocket of beauty service providers by helping them find clients and double their salary within a year.

Services Businesses

  • These should be profitable from day one and can be started without investor money.
  • Too much money papers over a lot of problems.
  • Find the value in your services and have it validated by a client shows what is working and isn’t working.

Getting People to Say Yes

  • People only use a handful of apps on their phone regardless of how many they have.
  • Dom and Tom walk through the value chain as to why someone would want an app.
  • Where is the value of what you are building, and why does it have to be in an app for user experience?

Enterprise and Startup Apps

  • Enterprise companies see a problem happening internally and use an app as an efficiency tool, then often offer to the clients.
  • Most enterprise apps want to move and act like a startup, which is why they don’t build them internally.
  • A funded startup has a finite amount of resources to access.

Lessons Learned

  • Keep your business as simple as possible.
  • Be easy to understand, and be willing to speak human instead of tech talk.


Dom and Tom

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