This is one of my favorite Mastermind Spotlights because it gives a unique opportunity to show how service providers can easily increase their revenues with some small shifts in marketing and pricing strategies.

Ted Moreno is gifted and dedicated hypnotherapist and high-performance coach.

Ted heard me speak several years ago at a marketing conference in Pasadena, CA.

A few years later, Ted came to one of my 3-day Dream Business Academy seminars, and subsequently joined my Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program.

When Ted and I first talked, I could see we were “viewing” what he does on two different levels.

Like many entrepreneurs, myself included, in the early days, Ted was approaching his pricing and business building strategies in a “fee for service” approach.

Again, this is very common, no matter what service you offer.

As I began to coach Ted to higher revenue and profits, I was incredibly amazed at the help he was providing his clients.

Ted is very gifted, not only in his skill as a hypnotherapist, but he has a real passion for helping others achieve more in their life.

Some of his clients (he never shared names or identities!) were experiencing truly amazing breakthroughs.

I have been coaching with Ted for two years, and one of the breakthroughs that helped Ted almost double his business, was recognizing what I refer to as price elasticity.

I can’t think of a single client that I have not helped charge more for what they do.

I believe that fees should be based on your clients achieving a desired result, and not simply on a per hour basis.

This strategy alone – “charging what you’re worth” – can substantially increase your revenue and profits, more than simply trying to attract more customers.


I also encouraged Ted to expand his very popular podcast, Ted in Your Head.

When we started working together, Ted in Your Head was a weekly show.

It now runs several times a week!

While reluctant, at first, to take on this additional workload, I shared a powerful strategy to make it easier to increase this “customer-attracting” content, and it has proved to be one of the game changers that has increased Ted’s visibility, and what I call, “star power.”

This star power has increased the demand for his time, and therefore his revenue and profits.

Listen to Ted as he shares in his own words:

Ted is able to work with clients on a range of issues from anywhere through Zoom.

To learn more about Ted, and how he might be able to help you, visit his website at

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