Megan Meyers is a gifted and talented entrepreneur, author, and online business mentor.

At a very young age, Megan understood what it means to not sit on the sidelines and merely dream of doing big things.

Megan used her childhood passion for dance, and with little to no training in how to run a small business, she opened a dance studio in her home town.

She grew it to be a smashing success in most ways, with one glaring exception.

The success Megan had created as a small business owner made it nearly impossible to be the stay-at-home mom she wanted to be.

So, Megan created another business, online – you might say, her “Dream Business” that allowed her to be at home with her family, and still make money!

Statistically, it is rare to become successful in business, let alone do it twice!

Megan’s new online business model allowed her to shine at home, and little did she know, she also began to shine in both her local community as well as her national “internet-based” community of fans and followers.

When Megan joined my Dream Business Mastermind and became one of my VIP Elite Coaching Clients, we were initially focused on growing her online business, Princess Ballerinas.

And then, one fateful day a local mom asked Megan if she would share some of her wisdom about creating an online business.

Boom, that’s when success struck yet again for Megan Meyers!

Megan began creating yet another online business, The Shine Online Network!

Shine Online is centered around her desire to share her knowledge and experience with other women who also have a dream about creating a successful business online.

Megan has a huge heart, and while her desire is to help a lot of women start and grow a successful online business – whether to be an additional revenue stream at home, or perhaps help empty-nesters create a new business all their own – Megan knew she had what it takes to inspire, motive, and educate women.

However, Megan insisted the growth and success of her Shine Online Community not detract from her current dream lifestyle she is blessed to live, and has worked so hard to create.

I know it goes without saying that there are no guarantees in business.

However, as a new entrepreneur, one of the smartest things you can do to accelerate your chances of success is to learn from someone who has already created the type of success you want.

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My team at Success Advantage Publishing and I helped Stacey publish her new book, “Shine Online”, which comes out March 30th!

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