In a crowded field, Lindsey Anderson is one of the top experts in internet marketing, period.

Lindsey is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and she runs multiple businesses, video channels, podcasts, and is a content creator on a scale that makes even me blush! 😊

I first met Lindsey when she was a guest on Dream Business Radio.

It was one of those episodes where I had to try hard to concentrate on the interview, because I was just as excited for what she was sharing as my listeners!


After the interview, I told Lindsey how impressed I was with her, and I invited her to attend my upcoming Dream Business Academy in San Diego, CA.

Despite having two young children at home, Lindsey said, “I’ll be there!”

I remember Lindsey sitting in the front row at Dream Business Academy, taking notes the whole time.

By the end of the conference, Lindsey enrolled in my highest-level coaching program, VIP Elite.

We quickly got to work creating her ‘celebrity expert’ status in a specific area of marketing, and the #1 thing most small business owners want, “more traffic and leads.”

In one of our 1:1 coaching calls, we decided to brand her as “One Click Lindsey – with the tag line, “The answer to your slow growth is just one click away!”

Next, my team and I at Success Advantage Publishing helped Lindsey publish The Click Technique, which further “pushed her star up” and significantly increased the demand for her time, which also removed price resistance and Lindsey’s revenues began to skyrocket.

Long story short, Lindsey became a superstar in the online marketing space.

I brought her in multiple times to speak at my Dream Business Academy seminars.

In 2018, I was honored to award Lindsey with the coveted “Just Say Yes” award, because honestly, if there’s an idea or opportunity to grow, Lindsey does not hesitate, she Just Says Yes!


Today Lindsey and her team offer multiple courses, online training, Facebook Challenges, countless videos and a ton of podcasts.

Much of Lindsey’s focus today is spent helping coaches, consultants and digital entrepreneurs build and monetize their businesses.

To learn more about Lindsey, and how she can help you grow your business, go to, and you can also connect with her all-over social media!

If this is the kind of coaching and Dream Business building guidance you could benefit from, and if working with other superstar entrepreneurs, in a powerful mastermind, could be the game changer you’re looking for, then check out my Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program.