Very excited for my friend and long-time coaching member, Jill Kummer.

I first met Jill when I was coaching a friend of hers.

Jill has an impressive background in the nonprofit world, catering, and is also schooled in wine and fine food.

Jill is the founder of several companies, including Black Tie Events, Taste Great Wines, and her latest venture, The Event Technique.

My team at Success Advantage Publishing and I helped Jill publish her book, The Event Technique.


We also helped her launch her website, podcast, and some slick marketing videos called Bite Size Chunks Over Lunch!


Oh yeah, there’s more.

Since Covid, Jill has had to transition her event business and now focuses on helping companies with virtual events.

To that end, her second book, with a “virtual” twist, is now available on her website.


Big business lesson: when an unexpected challenge is thrown in your path, figure out a way around it and keep going!

Congratulations Jill, you deserve all of your success!

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To Your Success,