Stick Like Glue Radio #204

On this special episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I interview leading SEO expert, Stephan Spencer. Stephan is a 3 time author, inventor of GravityStream and founder of NetConcepts. Don’t miss this powerful show!

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Latest SEO Strategies


Main Questions Asked:

  • When did the term ‘SEO’ become known?
  • What are the steps to ranking at the top of Google?
  • How can you check your Google pulse?
  • What is trending with regards to obtaining emails in exchange for content?


Key Lessons Learned:

Framework for Ranking on Google


Get Crawled

  • Getting crawled by Google is a necessary prerequisite to getting indexed.


Get Indexed

  • Just because your page gets crawled doesn’t mean it’s indexed. They may look like low value pages or duplicates.
  • However, when you’re indexed, you’re in Google’s database.


Get Ranked

  • Once indexed, the pages need to rank highly.
  • 95% of people don’t look at page two of Google’s search results.


Get Clicked

  • Just because you are getting ranked doesn’t mean you are getting clicks, conversions, sales, or email sign ups.


Optimize Each Step

  • You need to assume there will be leakage at every stage of the funnel, so steps need to be optimized.
  • Ensure you have a compelling website that drives people to a primary next action.
  • Don’t make your site full of shiny objects and not compel people to take one important next step.


Check Your Google Pulse

  • Have Google Analytics in place as your very first step to check SEO and analytics.
  • Set up your Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). This gives additional insights; e.g. what keywords are bringing traffic to your site, what keywords are bringing people to see your listing, but they don’t click through. It also offers different types of crawl reports that show the health of your site.
  • Third party tools diagnose different issues such as having a slow loading website.
  • If people aren’t linking to your site, then you’re DOA and you won’t be able to rank regardless of the amount of fantastic content you’re putting out.


‘Give’ Before You ‘Get’


  • Ultimately, you need people’s email or get them on a retargeting list.
  • People are sick of bait and switch squeeze pages.


The Give

  • Get people enticed by a valuable piece of content that they don’t have to opt-in for as the first point of entry.
  • After the first visit, offer something even more valuable in order to get them to the next level in the marketing or sales funnel.
  • g. On Facebook, you advertise a ‘how-to’ guide that is free via an extensive blog post.


The Get

  • Behind the scenes, drop a retargeting pixel and put another ad on Facebook to those people who have been to your website.
  • At that point, show the opt-in.
  • The uptake on a second or third interaction will be higher than asking for an email in exchange for content in the first interaction.
  • The first impression shouldn’t be a ‘take’ but a ‘give.’



Net Concepts

Stephan Spencer

These SEO Myths Must Die! (book)


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How can you check your Google pulse? Find out w/ @sspencer @newsletterguru


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