Stick Like Glue Radio #123 On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio I interview entrepreneur best-selling author Jeff Steinmann who write the book, How to Quit Working! Jeff share lots of entrepreneurial nuggets in this show – do not miss it!

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How to Quit Working

On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio I interview entrepreneur best-selling author Jeff Steinmann who wrote the book, How to Quit Working! Jeff share lots of entrepreneurial nuggets in this show – do not miss it!

Main Questions Asked

  • Why is it so important for people to quit their job and start their own business?
  • Is it true that 70-80% of people are not happy in their current job?
  • Why is it important to create an income that doesn’t require you to trade hours for dollars?
  • How can people create a business that is scalable, mobile, and makes you happy?
  • Why does burning bridges help people be successful?
  • What are some of the 13 decisions entrepreneurs must make when they decide to move forward?
  • What do you say to someone who wants to quit their job but doesn’t know what to do?

Key Lessons Learned

  • Time is the only true resource that is worth anything
  • Make time the most important thing so you are doing something you like and care about
  • Most people don’t think its possible to leave their jobs but it is
  • The reason so many businesses fail is that we are not taught how to run them properly
  • People think that starting a business is hard due to the high failure rate and common misconceptions
  • The top reason businesses fail is because people run out of money
  • If you have a needed item and your marketing is right your business with catch hold
  • Businesses don’t fail, people quit
  • Create assets that make you money on an ongoing basis

3 Categories of Time

  • 1) Sustaining- e.g eating, medical, cleaning house, dropping the kids off at school
  • 2) Living  – pleasure activities e.g theatre, boating, spending time with family
  • 3) Building – things that increase the quality of time you spend ‘living’ in the future
  • The real value is spending less time ‘sustaining’ and more time ‘living’ as you don’t get any value back. Spend more time in building.

How to Quit Working

  • A lifestyle business must be scalable, mobile, and must make you happy
  • Start with a premise that your time is the most important asset then the rest falls into place
  • When starting out, think about what happens when your clients double, or your sales triple. What will that do to your time?
  • A job that you ‘own’ is the worst of entrepreneur ship and the worst of employment

Burning Bridges

  • Figure out a way where you have no choice but to move down the path to success
  • Our primitive instinct for safety is what causes us want the option of returning to work in case something goes wrong we have a back up plan for survival
  • Burning bridges changes your mindset as you know there is not other option but to succeed

Decisions Entrepreneurs Must Make

  • Listen – Decide who your customer is and understand them. What are their problems and how can you solve them?  What will solving those problems really do for them?
  • Responsibility – Every single thing that happens is your fault.It shows you are in control of everything whether good or bad.
  • Physical Health- You have to make the decision that you will take care of yourself physically.This is your vehicle so take care of it.

Advice on How to Quit Working

  • No matter how difficult you think your situation is, there is someone in a worse situation who has made it work.
  • If you want to not be part of a business that fails then flip around the way you think about business
  • Identify a product or business that people want then get an audience for that service

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Ever wanted to Quit Working? @jeffsteinmann tells Jim Palmer how its possible on this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio

Best-selling author of ‘How to Quit Working,’ @jeffsteinmann reveals how to maximize the 3 categories of time


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