Stick Like Glue Radio #180 On this special episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I interview entrepreneur, coach and consultant Kristin Swarcheck and we talk about how to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs and the advantages of vul-nerability. Don’t miss this powerful show!

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On this special episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I interview entrepreneur, coach, and consultant, Kristin Swarcheck, and we talk about how to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs and the advantages of vulnerability. Don’t miss this powerful show!

Main Questions Asked:

  • What are some of the advantages of being vulnerable and looking inward?
  • How do you help people free themselves from self-limiting beliefs?
  • Explain the four core beliefs.

Key Lessons Learned:


  • It is natural for humans to seek love and acceptance.
  • It is not until you have moments to reflect inward and seek greater meaning that you can dissect it.
  • Transformation is not easy work, and is something you have to commit to for a lifetime.

Removing the ‘Mask’

  • Being vulnerable means saving energy from ‘putting on different masks.’
  • When we let go of the high expectations we have of ourselves and find a place of self-love, then we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable.
  • When you can be one person to the whole world, you are no longer exhausted by putting on a ‘face’ and can embrace the moment.


  • The truth will set you free.
  • Being authentic is a courageous act, and once you start doing it, it is self-motivating.
  • When you are honest with yourself about who you really are, you end up attracting the right people and repel others.
  • You aren’t meant to connect with and please everybody.
  • To be authentic takes confidence and a real feeling of self-worth.

The Law of Attraction

  • When you step on the path, the universe will support you.
  • Having a coach means having someone who has walked the path before you and can hold the torch to guide you.


  • It doesn’t matter what skill or talent you have; it’s all about the mindset, and you have to take care of the demons.
  • It’s not about stopping caring about what people say, but rather consciously deciding to be judged on the value being released and not the way in which it’s delivered.

Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Become aware of what your self-limiting beliefs are. Awareness is power.
  • Be clear on what your personal negative self-talk is.
  • When we examine our fears there are often inaccuracies, even though we accept them as being true.
  • There is a process of reprogramming your mind through affirmations and subliminal audio to build your confidence at a subconscious level.
  • Just because you think highly of yourself on the outside doesn’t mean you feel the same on the inside.

The Four Core Beliefs

1. Worthy
2. Accepted
3. Secure
4. Safe

  • We have to heal ourselves with the core beliefs that we are loved, worthy, accepted, and fulfilled.
  • The more secure we become within ourselves, we should not attach ourselves to another person to fulfill a need but rather appreciate the person for who they are.
  • Get clear on the beliefs we hold as our own and what we need to feel most secure.

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What are advantages of being vulnerable & looking inward? Find out w/ @KristinSwarchec @newsletterguru

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