Stick Like Glue Radio #122 On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio I interview entrepreneur and franchise expert Tom Scarda. Franchising is often a viable option for business growth and Tom sheds light on this strategy – do not miss this call!

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On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio I interview entrepreneur and franchise expert Tom Scarda. Franchising is often a viable option for business growth and Tom sheds light on this strategy – do not miss this call!

Main Questions Asked

  • Tell us about your book The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty
  • What are the best franchises?
  • Are the best franchises service or home based?
  • What are some of the ways you can judge a good franchise from a bad one?
  • What is the investment level one can expect to make for a franchise?
  • What are some good questions to ask a franchise company?
  • Is 50 years old too old to get started as a franchisee?
  • How many franchise concepts are there?
  • Is there any business that is not a good fit for franchising?

Key Lessons Learned

  • Choosing uncertainty is the scary area when you are choosing to jump
  • The real decision is between unhappiness and uncertainty



  • There are more than 3,000 franchise concepts spanning 90 industries
  • A franchise offers a proven concept and blueprint that helps with uncertainty
  • A franchise is a business with training wheels
  • Anybody can franchise anything as long you get a franchise disclosure document printed and distributed to your prospective franchisees and follow up with the Federal Trade Commission
  • A business doesn’t have to be profitable to franchise it, rather it’s a matter of if someone will buy it then good for you
  • Whether it’s a service or product based business, franchising is a relationship business
  • Franchising is an extremely transparent business model
  • When you have a franchise its like having stockholders as you have to answer to other people
  • A bad franchise is something that relies on the personality of the founder

Supporting Franchisees

  • Its not a question of what you are legally obligated to do but what you have to do to make them successful
  • If you don’t help franchisees be successful you will not sell more franchises and the word of mouth will be that franchisees are unsupported

Choosing a Franchise

  • Take an inventory of your skills and personality
  • Ask yourself “how do I want to spend my day?”
  • Have a business that people ‘need’ but not ‘want.’ You don’t want to be the first thing people cancel when they lose their job or a recession hits
  • Unsexy businesses like ‘water restoration’ is a great way to go but most people start with a food category in mind
  • The best way to figure out if a franchise is really good is to talk to the franchisees
  • The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a 23 items that every franchise company has to comment on. One of those items is how many franchises left or were added to the system in that year
  • The FDD has a list of every franchise owner in the country and you are allowed to call and ask questions

Franchise Investment Figures

  • Service Businesses: $50K – $150K
  • Small Stores: E.g Subway $200K-$500K
  • Quick Service Restaurants: E.g McDonald’s, Wendy’s, TGI Fridays, Taco Bell $1-2M

Questions to Ask a Franchise Owner

  • Now you’ve been in it would you do it again?
  • What is your vision for the next 5-10 years?
  • What are the pitfalls I should be aware of being a franchisee through your company?
  • What are the personality traits of the top performers in your company?

Franchisee Age Range

  • Owning a franchise is usually someone on their second career
  • The average age of a franchise buyer used to be 42 yo
  • Post recession is the average age is now 56 yo (too young to retire but aged out of their job)

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