Stick Like Glue Radio #127 On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio I flipped the table and share an interview that someone did with me! Thom Singer is the host of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do and the interview is chock full of nuggets so Thom said to share it with my community! Do not miss it!

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Thom Singer

On this episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I flipped the table and shared an interview that someone did with me! Thom Singer is the host of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do and the interview is chock full of nuggets, so Thom said to share it with my community!  Do not miss it!

Main Questions Asked:

  • What do you really like about the entrepreneur lifestyle?
  • Is the newsletter still important to entrepreneurs?
  • What advice do you have for people thinking of becoming an entrepreneur?
  • What is something someone else is doing that is cool?
  • What do you do to serve the greater good?

Key Lessons Learned:

  • The teacher always learns more.
  • You need to stay top-of-mind for past customers and prospects, newsletters are a way to do that.
  • Healthy profitable businesses have healthy relationships.
  • Most businesses are built on the power of happy clients.
  • People do business with people they know, like, or trust.
  • Be sure to know if what you are offering is in demand, so you can make a business out of it.
  • 100% of people who quit don’t make it to the top.
  • Paid and un-paid speakers are both legitimate models.
  • As an unpaid speaker, you can make just as much money by selling your product at events as you can as a paid speaker.
  • Boutique live events of 40-50 people in a room are a different and effective strategy.
  • You are more likely to engage, interact and get to know the attendees in a smaller event than you are at an event of 5,000.
  • It is a universal law that when you give, you will receive (and usually receive in higher proportion than what you give away).
  • No matter where you are right now start giving away 10% (this includes time).
  • If you want to ‘lock and load for results,’ make an agreement on who you are going to support and set it up for an automatic monthly debit.
  • Compounded generosity will add up if you start early and consistently.
  • You don’t have to be rich to make an impact on philanthropy.
  • The way you live your life says more about what you do.

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